MÚSICA 8D: ¿Qué es la música 8D y por qué debes empezar a escucharla?


8D MUSIC: What is 8D music and why should you start listening to it?

What is 8D music?

If you haven't heard yet about 8D music or music in 8 dimensions, this post will blow your mind. It is a type of music adapted to technological modifications that is really cool and will make you feel things that you have never perceived in conventional songs. Keep in mind that the effect plays with your perception of reality, so you will only get it if you listen to this type of audio with your headphones on, otherwise it won't work.

¿Que es la música 8D?


This technology tricks your brain! As soon as we start with 8D music we begin to notice how several things happen:

The song seems to move from left to right, moving inside your brain. This is not really anything new in itself, but it is a novelty that is being applied to music today. It's an effect that you achieve simply by lowering or raising the relative volumes on each side of the earcups of your headphones, where you feel like the music is coming from one side of the other and can create the sensation of movement.

But it is true that later we noticed something really new and impressive and that is that it makes us believe that a sound comes from outside your headphones, and that it is next to you sounding in reality, due to the hyper-realistic effect that this technology has .

This happens because the music is not only moving from left to right as we mentioned before, the 8D music is also moving up and down its “position”, that is, the sound is moving from top to bottom and go back up.

This is difficult to achieve with conventional stereo sound, and the truth is that with the speakers of your home theater you wouldn't even get it. It is a function that you can only achieve with the headphones on because you are tricking your brain, making it believe that it is coming from outside, and not directly into your ear. With the headphones the sound enters directly towards your head and that is when you perceive the movement, from left to right and from top to bottom.

¿Que es la música 8D?

The hyperrealism that this type of music causes is actually hacking the algorithms in your brain that detect where a sound is coming from.

As we said before, this technology is not new, but it is relatively recent. In fact, it is what is commonly known as 3D audio because sound travels in three dimensions. It may be that the name 8D is more interesting, but the truth is that in theory they are the same.

Listen to 8D music it will send signals to your brain to look for where the sound is coming from, if it is from the front or the back, above or below, and this will generate the sensation that the music travels to through your brain.

We see this type of technology very present nowadays in video games in which you feel that there are actions and sounds happening from all fronts when the reality, the sound is entering through your ears.

¿Qué es la música 8D?


Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen (8D Audio)


Do I Wanna Know – Arctic Monkeys (Audio 8D)


Billie Eilish – Bad Guy (8D Audio)


Gorillaz– Feel Good Inc (8D Audio)


Tame Impala – Let It Happen (8D Audio)


Have your hair stood on end?

This music has been integrated with a function so that each loud voice receives the response equivalent to if the sound came from a specific place, assuming the function of the pavilions in your ears that amplify a sound (if it comes from ahead ) or block it (if the sound is coming from behind). This technology will make your intellect believe that it is your ears that are assimilating the sound. Your brain will interpret it and believe it, generating this cool effect.

The truth is that music has never sounded as good and as realistic as it does when it has this 8D technology applied, in which you not only play by alternating the volumes from left to right but also if you were above or below the sound source, thus playing with the three dimensions of reality: high, long and deep.

It's really cool to feel the music playing outside of your headphones! And although it is not a new technology, it is new that it is being applied to music and that is the most exciting of all, because there is nothing like listening to a little music to “escape” reality for a while, and you will think that you are in another world!

If you haven't tried listening to 8D music yet, we recommend you do it because it's great and you won't regret it. And don't forget your helmets!

¿Qué es la música 8D?