Nueva herramienta para distribuidores


New tool for distributors

That we are in a time of recession, difficult for everyone and particularly for the world of fashion is nothing new. But in The Indian Face we want to put a ray of hope and positivity to this complicated situation that we are having to live. Many merchants do not dare to place orders for fear of being left with too much stock, of not selling it all... With the new The Indian Face website, no one will have to worry about that.

In The Indian Face we have renewed our image and also its applications, because in addition to being an online store for customer sales, from now on it will also be a platform for merchants to purchase these garments to sell in their stores. The store or distributor only has to register and request registration to be able to see the distribution prices instead of those for sale to the public. This tool has several advantages:

  • You can buy directly from the firm without intermediaries, just by accessing the web, you can place your order. The form of purchase will be easy, fast and cheap.
  • There is no minimum order. Therefore, you can buy only what you need and at distribution prices. From 1 single unit
  • Delivery will take place in just 48 hours. Do not make purchases 6 months ahead, simply dedicate yourself to replenishing what you need
  • Shipping costs are free from an order of 150 euros.

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