No te fíes del rastro o de las huellas de otros en la nieve


Do not trust the trail or the footprints of others in the snow

Today we bring you a curious video in which we warn of the danger of following the trail of other riders when you do freeride with your board through snowy mountains. In it you can see how a snowboarder who is sliding through the snow, and who is equipped with a GoPro mobile camera, follows the trail of someone who has already been there, confident that it is a safe track. Nothing is further from reality. We don't want to spoil the ending for you... but just to tell you that the protagonist of the video ends up getting quite upset.

What did you think of the video? Let this document serve as proof and warning that assuming that following any tracks or tracks of snowboarders or skiers who have gone there before is not always a good idea. They can take you to slopes that are difficult to overcome or directly towards dangerous obstacles that are difficult to see.

Study personally and with the help of your companions the route you plan to follow, check that it is safe and always be alert for obstacles and unevenness. The important thing is to enjoy the snow but always stay safe and secure!