Parapente en Pokhara: sobrevolando el centro de Nepal


Paragliding in Pokhara: flying over central Nepal

If you are thinking of paragliding, Pokhara is one of the best spots to do it. This city, also called "the gateway to the Annapurnas" (a popular route through the Himalayas), is found on the shores of Lake Phewa in central Nepal, where the proximity of Sarangkot and the height in relation to the lake make it an ideal area for paragliding.

This has become one of the most classic activities in the region. Many tourists visit it every year for this purpose, looking for an extreme and fun experience, even if they do not engage in any extreme sport in particular.

Parapente en Pokhara: sobrevolando el centro de Nepal


The experience is beyond incredible, one of those that you will not forget for the rest of your life. Without a doubt, it is a sensation very close to flying, because it will not be at all like a "free fall" that you do feel in other adventure sports, such as bungee jumping or skydiving, for example.

Practicing paragliding in Pokhara you will feel in contact with nature, with the fresh air, and you will see how the birds pass by very close to you, as if you were one of them; That feeling of freedom is unmatched.

Yes, you will notice how the guide who accompanies you performs conditioning maneuvers and even some pirouettes, from the moment you take flight and then also to land, which may catch you off guard. But once they stabilize during the journey, which oscillates between 30 and 60 minutes, you reach a total calm in which you only dedicate yourself to floating, and enjoying the walk and the panorama of this great location. It is not for nothing that it is one of the top 10 places for paragliding in the world!

The particularities of each route will depend above all on the agency with which you make the trip because there are many options and therefore prices also vary. The good thing is that tourism has ensured that safety is optimized for all options, as well as quality of service. The locals make a living from this and put a lot of love and dedication into it. Normally they take you up to the takeoff point unless you want to arrive on your own.

Many of the guides even make recordings for you to take home and others will tell you a little about the panoramas during the trip. The truth is that the experience is amazing, it goes without saying that it will be incredible, especially if you are an adventurer who loves heights.

One thing that will not change, even on cloudy days, are the breathtaking views that will take your breath away. And no wonder, they are the Himalayas! Imagine having its impressive mountains and Phewa Lake at your feet. This is something that only the experience of paragliding will offer you.

Parapente en Pokhara: sobrevolando el centro de Nepal


As we have mentioned before, it is part of the tourist activities offered in the region, so it will not be difficult to hire a paragliding agency. And although the prices vary depending on each one (the difference between them is not much), it will be much less expensive than doing it in Spain. In low season it can cost the equivalent of €50-60 and in high season about €80-90

You can ask the accommodation where you are staying if it includes an adventure agency that can offer you this experience instead of looking for an external one.

Agencies normally set a time and place to pick you up at a point in the city, to go up to the top of Sarangkot, where the take-off runway is located. The trips are made 3 times a day, mid-morning, around 10.00, at noon at 12.00h and at 14.00h Taking off earlier tends to have less activity because as the sun rises and the weather warms up, the wind shifts are greater and therefore are more exciting for the more adventurous.

It must be taken into account that flying in these conditions makes it a risky sport, and although the agencies are preparing more and more to offer the best conditions and the pilots have a lot of experience, it is important to take into account the importance of travel insurance that includes this type of activity in its policies. If you don't, which they don't always do, take into account the company you hire and its clauses and conditions, as well as look for the agencies with the best reputation and track record. Your safety comes first!

The high seasons for paragliding in Pokhara are between the months of March and May (spring) and between the months of September to November (autumn), which are the times when you will surely find more people and fewer offers . Not for that reason the experience will be less satisfactory. In fact, during these seasons is when we find the best climate and conditions to paraglide, avoiding rain and cold, but the truth is that there is no day of the year better than another, it will only be enough that the weather conditions are the appropriate to do. It is even possible that a journey is delayed or lasts a little less due to these circumstances that sometimes get a little out of hand.

Parapente en Pokhara: sobrevolando el centro de Nepal


Pokhara as a city will not disappoint you at all once you have done paragliding. So now you can enjoy other great activities that will also be very worthwhile.


We recommend not staying alone in the vicinity of the lake, as it is normal for all tourists. Our recommendation is that you also go to the old part of the city. You can do it in many ways, but doing it by bike will help you discover the real Pokhara better. Here you no longer see the lights of the Lakeside... the real protagonists are the temples of more than 200 years and the impeccable Newar architecture.


Dedicated to Visnu in his incarnation as a boar, the Tal Barahi is a temple located on a small islet in the lake, considered the most important place of worship in the entire city. You can visit it at reasonable prices from a boat that takes you there, and let yourself be impressed by its original structure and cultural value. The most impressive thing to see is the celebration of the rituals: The Tal Barahi Aarati ritual is the one that worships the temple and is celebrated every sunset in front of the temple.


It is a large white pagoda built by Japanese monks with the aim of promoting peace, built after the explosion of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs. In fact, there are 80 peace pagodas worldwide and in Nepal we find two of them. The world peace pagoda in Pokhara is located majestically on one of the hills that emerge from the lake, from which you can see incredible views of the peaks of the Himalayas.


Lovers of the mountains cannot miss this obligatory stop. Founded in 2005, the International Mountain Museum is practically an ode to this type of terrestrial relief, exploring its majesty and taking it to another level. There you will be able to learn more about the highest peaks in the world with a special focus on the Himalayas, in which they explore its history, its flora and fauna, its culture, its people and the climbers who have reached its top.


Enjoy walks along the shores of the immense Phewa Lake, the second largest in Nepal. It will be quite a cultural experience that will immerse you in the true bustle of the city, between the arrival of fishermen, children playing, exotic animals, groups of tourists and couples appreciating the sunset.

By renting rowing boats you can enjoy the lake from the lake itself. You will be fascinated by the whole experience, as well as the peaks of the mountains that border it, highlighting of course the Annapurnas and also the Machapuchare, which due to its sacred status is not allowed to climb.


Nepal screams a tale of adventure, and Pokhara is no exception. It is a tourist destination that is also in high demand by adventure sportsmen who find challenges there as well as paragliding, such as bungee jumping and ultralight flying, trekking.

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Of course, this location has become an ideal destination for meditation for many travelers, who find in this culture a source of peace. For them, there are excellent options for yoga, breathing and meditation classes. A purifying experience, truly like no other.

Parapente en Pokhara: sobrevolando el centro de Nepal


Staying in Pokhara will depend a lot on your personality, you can opt for hotels or hostels, even hostels, on the main streets with more life, but also more bustling, or choose a location in the north of the lake or on streets parallel to the Lakeside that they will be calmer.

You can find excellent attention, care and quality at reasonable prices. In most you find Wi-Fi and hot water, balconies and private bathrooms. As in all tourist sites you will find luxurious options or more amenities such as swimming pools, spas, bars, private parking lots and more, but everything will depend on your budget and the reasons for your trip.

We do recommend choosing an accommodation with a view of something, which is especially nice at any time of the year.

In addition, going for an Airbnb can also be a great way to stay if you are considering it as an option.

For decades paragliding in Pokhara has been one of the most iconic and traditional activities of all. The city, like Nepal itself, is very rich in culture, and is undoubtedly a location that can boast of being one of the best in offering this experience to visiting tourists. In fact, it is a meeting place for professionals for competitions and so on.

As we have mentioned before, the ideal conditions for this practice are aligned and combined in the take-off zone of Sarangkot hill, leaving thousands of brave people impressed with the experience of taking their feet off the ground and rising to adventure between its stable thermal currents and the indescribable views of the Himalayas.

So don't hesitate any longer, and let yourself be carried away by the air of freedom that paragliding flights in Pokhara, Nepal bring!

Parapente en Pokhara: sobrevolando el centro de Nepal