Pat Moore y el ‘urban snowboard’


Pat Moore and the 'urban snowboard'

One Christmas, when Pat Moore was very young, Santa Claus brought him a snowboard; no one at the time had the slightest idea of ​​the effect that this gift was going to have on Pat Moore's life. When he was old enough, he enrolled in the Waterville Academy's snow program, where he was able to receive special education and training: in the morning to study in the classroom and in the afternoon to practice in the clues. At the age of 15 he joined the Forum Youngblood team and within a year he had already joined the World Junior Team. From there, in a meteoric trajectory, he began to compete in important events and championships, but every day he returned home to do his homework and obligations. It didn't take long for him to become a professional rider.

Over the years he has shown that it is impossible for him to focus on just one discipline, and that is that t he is good at all types of snowboarding . He placed third in the US Grand Prix Halfpipe in the 2002-2003 season and the following year he placed second in the Vans Triple Crown Slopestyle Championship. Additionally, he reached the podium in the Quarterpipe event at the Oakley Arctic Challenge in 2007 and has had very good results in both the FIS World Cup and Winter X Games.

But you may well know or know him from his appearances in popular snowboarding movies, such as “That's It, That's All” (2008) and “The Art of Flight” (2011), both by Travis Rice. He also in other movies like Forum's “Forum”, “Against' Em”, “The Community Project” and “Video Gangs”. In 2014 Pat Moore has been part of a series called Blueprint that follows in his footsteps during the snow season while filming for Volcom his first film as the lead, “Mr. Plant”.

We leave you one of the videos from the Blueprint series with Pat Moore, where you can see his capering with the board in urban environments. One pass!