Patinete extremo en el skate park de Sant Feliu


Extreme scooter in the Sant Feliu skate park

Today we bring you a very cool video that we really wanted to publish on this blog.

A sequence of movements, jumps and pirouettes with a scooter recorded in the Sant Feliu skate park. Take a look and judge for yourself the display of its protagonists. A true demonstration of extreme scootering that you can't miss.

If you're into skateboarding and you're attracted to scooters, chances are you'll be encouraged to get one to try some of these extreme moves and tricks.

By the way, we really liked the song that accompanies the video too. It's from Downsyde and it's called Fortune & Fame. Enjoy!

What did you think of the video? Have you ever practiced with the scooter in this plan? Do you like extreme skateboarding? Tell us about your experiences.