Inicia el nuevo curso con las pilas bien cargadas y tu mejor look con las gafas de sol polarizadas de The Indian Face


Start the new course with your batteries well charged and your best look with the polarized sunglasses from The Indian Face

Are you one of those who hate going back to routine above all things? Is there nothing that annoys you more than waking up to the horrible sound of the alarm clock? Do you miss being able to have breakfast looking at the sea while you catch up on the latest news? Do you find it difficult to get out of bed thinking about your turn to go to the office? Ugh… It looks like from The Indian Face we're going to have to find a remedy for you (and we know what you need!).

Each time of the year has its good parts and its bad parts. Going back to work to classes after summer leisure is, without a doubt, a setback for most people. But there are some tricks to take it with more joy. Here we tell you!

Top 5 keys to being happy on your return to routine: from your friend's hug to polarized sunglasses

Each person is different, but there are ways to motivate (and self-motivate) to make a bad day a great day. If going back to the office is getting difficult for you or the smell of textbook covers is making you dizzy, don't miss what we are going to tell you because in The Indian Face we have proposed to get you out! a smile!

1. Oh, healthy life, come back to me

Admit it: the tapas at the beach bar, those extra beers on the terrace with friends and the relaxation that the feeling of not having obligations or stress produces take their toll on your body inside and out.

It is time to recover the healthy traditions: a balanced diet and the return to a fixed schedule will have a positive impact on you. And others will notice!

2. The reunions, the cornerstone that will make you leave the slope of September

Your friends are the family you choose to have. And, in every group, there is a stray sheep that goes on vacation all summer with the family or just like a good adventurer. Time to make up for lost time and catch up!

Surely you have a thousand anecdotes to tell that person and she also tells you: now you can take advantage of the fact that the weather is still good to go for a drink on a terrace or even take a trip to the beach to maintain your tan .

3. A great moment to set new challenges for the course

Every January 1st, millions of people make a thousand resolutions (which they almost never end up fulfilling). Why not take this beginning of the course more seriously?

If you think about it, it makes sense: after the summer break you have more energy, you are relaxed and you can incorporate new challenges into your daily life that make you grow at a work, academic, personal or emotional level . Find yours and don't give up. Let your committed spirit and full of passion be noticed!

4. Start autumn dazzling with your style with new polarized sunglasses

Are you one of those who are aware of the latest fashion trends? Brilliant! Then it is the ideal time for you to treat yourself and update your wardrobe and, incidentally, to treat yourself.

And what could be better than combining your new jeans and your wonderful T-shirt with the fashion accessory? Take a look at our catalog of polarized sunglasses and start the routine as you like: full of adrenaline!

gafas de sol polarizadas para mujer

Turn routine into your best ally with polarized sunglasses from The Indian Face

Don't you think the next early morning is such a big deal? Now that you know what your next guilty pleasure is, now you know: enter the online catalog of polarized sunglasses from and change laziness for the desire to eat the world!