Dispara tu adrenalina y vive el verano más loco con las gafas de sol polarizadas Free Spirit de The Indian Face


Shoot your adrenaline and live the craziest summer with the Free Spirit polarized sunglasses from The Indian Face

Are you one of those who are always up to date? Do you like to keep up to date with all the fashion trends each season? Do you want to lead a healthy life and take care of your body to be able to carry out any challenge that you set your mind to? It's time to switch to polarized sunglasses!

So that you know the new must have that you should incorporate into your wardrobe, today we present one of the star models of this summer. Get ready to fall in love!

gafas de sol polarizadas

Free Spirit polarized sunglasses, the perfect accessory for free spirits

The name says it all! The polarized sunglasses that we present to you today are the perfect fit for adventurous people who want to take on the world.

Comfort, versatility, aesthetics and health. They are not missing a detail! In addition, it does not matter if you want to use them for sports, driving or in your day to day: in any case, you will always be perfect.

gafas de sol polarizadas

Free Spirit polarized sunglasses: one design, a thousand variations

The perfect polarized sunglasses vary depending on the tastes of each one. For this reason, at The Indian Face we bring you the Free Spirit model in different colors and finishes so that you can choose the one that best suits you.

Do you prefer the temples with a wood effect or transparent? Do you like a classic black frame look with dark lenses? Or do you prefer a more striking color with blue or orange crystals that contrast with the matt white of the edge? You decide!

All Free Spirit polarized sunglasses have 41 millimeters high glass and 140 total frontal width as well as temple.The space between the lenses is 14 mm.Now that you know exactly what they are like, all you have to do is choose which are your favorites and place your order. Prepare to succeed this summer!

gafas de sol polarizadas free spirit