Rafting: los mejores sitios de España


Rafting: the best places in Spain

Do you like rafting and want to practice it in all parts of Spain? In this article you will discover the best places in the country to do it. Spain is a country that offers a great variety of places to practice rafting, and also offers many places where the offer is extremely professional and is prepared to offer the highest quality standards in this regard. In addition, all the complementary offer that is generated around adventure sports such as rafting makes the experience that you can live in any of these points unique and complete.

Gastronomy, culture, nature, sports and much more, all this is combined in rafting tourism, a tourism that will also allow you to have the most fun practicing the aquatic activity that you like the most: rafting down rivers. The center of the Peninsula is an ideal place to practice rafting at points like Río Cabriel. This location, which is located halfway between Valencia and Madrid, becomes the ideal place to disconnect from the city and to make multiple getaways. Her natural beauty is simply marvelous.

In Catalonia there is one of the places where rafting is best practiced, the beautiful area of ​​Noguera Pallaresa, in the province of Lleida and with towns like Sort that make rafting (and you should not forget the lottery) their economic motor, so you already know, in addition to sailing you must try your luck. It has very famous lengths and the river is considered one of the best rivers in all of Europe for rafting.

Not far from Catalonia, in the Aragon area, you will find more than interesting points in the Huesca Pyrenees area where you can put on your life jacket and jump into the river, specifically in points such as Gallego or Ara, in the Parque Nacional de Ordesa and this being one of the most "morbid" places to practice rafting when it has a good flow, where you will find unique spaces for rafting. But if you want to discover one of the most famous in all of Spain, you have to get to Ésera.

Looking north, if you look towards Galician lands there are different points where you can practice rafting, although the Miño river is highly remarkable, a river that has an interesting peculiarity for rafting practitioners like you: in the rest of Spanish rivers You should be concerned that there is enough flow to practice a good rafting, in this it is the opposite, the excess flow that can sometimes have can eliminate the descents, leaving only a very mighty river.

Still in the north, and now looking towards the Cantabrian coast, mention the Alto Ebro. This place is incredible both for its natural beauty and for its level II and III quality for rafting. And looking at the southern zone, you can find good points in, for example, the Alto Guadalquivir or the Genil River, among others.

Have you ever practiced rafting? would you like it? What do you like the most about this sport?