Recco: un localizador capaz de salvarte la vida


Recco: a locator capable of saving your life

For those of you who have never heard of Recco, it is very likely that you have seen it on your jacket or on your clothes but you have not wondered what it is for. It is possible that you do not know, and you should know because if you like adventure and this winter you are going into the mountains… you must be clear about what the Recco system is and what it is for.

Recco is a location and rescue system designed for cases of avalanches, capable of locating victims through radar. The system is basically made up of two parts: the detector radar and the passive reflectors.

Reflectors are small electrical transponders weighing less than five grams, armed with a copper antenna that bounces the detector's signals and doubles their frequency. It is covered by an outer layer of rubber that gives it the appearance of a tablet and is almost indestructible. Also, doesn't need any power source to function.

It is an advanced radar system, Recco works on the frequency bouncing principle. The rescue team's detector transmits signals, these hit the Recco's reflectors, bounce back towards the detector and when the rescue team receives this signal again, a tone sounds on its radar that makes it easy to know where it is. find victim.

This system does not require training or investment of any kind, the manufacturers of ski material and clothing themselves include it in their garments.