Running en tiempos de Covid ¿Posible?


Running in times of Covid, possible?

Nothing stops sports lovers, there's no doubt about that! However, it is always good to keep in mind that carrying out any outdoor physical activity, including running in times of Covid, will require in most cases a greater effort than what we normally do, because the athlete You will need to make small changes in your routine that allow you to adapt to the big changes that the world is going through as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Now that we have "fewer" restrictions and we have been able to better adapt to certain "new normal" and "reduced mobility" situations, we cannot put aside what we love so much: sport. Little by little we have shown that we are able to better overcome controlled exits, increase our hygiene, and take care of ourselves and the people around us.

Our body requires us to go out, but it also requires us to do things well, fully protecting our health and well-being, which is why we must combine both situations in the best possible way and make adaptations that allow us to have the best of both worlds, which is so, so important in the life of every athlete and adventurer.

Do you already know all the measures you must take if you want to go running in times of covid? Adapt your lifestyle to the new circumstances without suffering in the attempt! Here we leave you a series of basic tips for running in Covid time that you certainly cannot miss.

running en tiempos de covid


  • Adapt to new circumstances

First of all, it is important that you understand that doing sports and running in times of covid is an adaptation process like everything else in life. This should not be a reason to be overwhelmed, it will simply be a matter of adjusting our habits a bit to adapt to the new normality, including sports in general, both indoors and outdoors. Once we understand that everything is part of the process and that with this we contribute to a greater good, which is the well-being and health of all, then everything else will be much easier and more bearable. So, once you make the decision to adapt, then you are ready to join the adventure of practicing running in times of covid.

  • Run alone and maintain social distancing

One of the ways to adjust to life in Covid is to understand that we will now have to reduce gathering groups, even if that means reducing them to teams of one. One of the most advisable actions is to practice sports alone, or with the people you live with, instead of in large groups as perhaps you did in the past. This is simply because it is more difficult for a single person to be able to create large sources of contagion. In addition, it is always important to remember that it is easier for a solo runner to maintain social distancing if they run into groups of people or other runners during their journey, because it will be easier for them to pace them with agility.
In this case, when you run alone you don't have help nearby in case you need it on your way, so the advice is to plan your route in advance and make an overview of your route. Consider alternative routes in case you run into some kind of inconvenience along the way, and tell one or more of your loved ones that you will go one way or another. The responsibility of reporting is to maintain your safety at all times, if you have people you can lean on even when you run alone, it's the best.

  • Pack light but safe

Now that security measures must be adapted to different health circumstances, the overall objective is to keep yourself and those around you safe. That is why now you will have to take things with you that perhaps you did not carry before, such as hydroalcoholic gel, mask, bottle or bag of your own water, this in addition to the basics: identification, mobile phone and other gadgets you need to go running in times of covid, so you can get a belt or a vest where you can place your water can. Remember that it is important that during your tour you do not touch anything or drink water from public fountains

If you do running in covid times on your own, you will surely not be able to protect your hands with gel in a store if your objective is not to go shopping, so the recommendation is to take a bottle of small plastic of only about 100ml of gel and use it if necessary; similar to what you would take on an airplane. Remember that keeping your hands clean is one of the essential habits to avoid contagion.

It goes without saying that, to run at any time or era in history, you must be very well prepared with the correct shoes, clothing adapted to the weather and physical activity, and having exercised your muscles very well. muscles and so on. Do not forget that these times are for adaptation, but the most traditional and necessary preparations must be maintained: all physical exercise, whatever it may be, must be carried out with a lot of discipline and a lot of physical and mental preparation... That does not change under any circumstances!

running en tiempos de covid

  • Wear masks adapted for sports

Maintaining our health and that of the rest is essential in these moments of uncertainty, so the recommendation will always be to wear masks that protect you effectively from the rest and vice versa. In addition, it has already been shown that the use of masks does not reduce oxygen saturation in the blood. However, it is true that traditional masks are designed for everyday use and not for the type of breath we generate when we run or do any physical activity. Many sports brands have tried to find a solution by providing alternatives that help to better oxygenate the body while protecting ourselves and the rest, making them reduce the emission of particles, that are reusable and washable, that are quick-drying, breathable , and compatible with glasses and other types of sports accessories such as caps or even your helmets. These are the type of masks you should wear when you go for a run in times of covid.

  • Run early in the morning

As we mentioned before, it is advisable to always choose the countryside, the mountains or the coast when we think about running in covid times, since running in covid times only outdoors decreases risks. However, another adaptation you can make is to change the time you do your running routine. For example, do it very early in the morning and avoid peak hours when you will find more people on the streets. This, added to trying to avoid especially crowded routes, such as the entrances or exits of schools and health centers.
We know it's hard to get up an hour earlier, but the effort pays off. If you are not an early bird, consider running late at night with a headlamp, although it will always be much more beneficial for your day to day to do sports early in the morning than late at night. But, you do what you can, and you know, these changes are beneficial from the place you look at it, you just have to find the routine that best suits your lifestyle, or the changes that can be subtle enough to to fit well with you.

  • Plan your route and choose the one less traveled

As we have already said at the beginning, the best thing in these times to perform running, is to keep in mind the route to follow before leaving home for numerous reasons. Firstly, because if you run alone, it is best not to tempt incidents on routes that you do not know or that you did not consider before, and secondly, because if you really want to avoid contact with the rest of the person during these times, you should look at the routes to avoid bumping into too many people and deviating from your initial objectives.

Do not forget that it has already been shown that the particles expelled when breathing even exceed 2 meters. Of course, a courier exhales even more particularly than a regular passerby because he takes a deeper breath and with a greater rhythm. However, studies state that for a runner to be infected with another passer-by or runner they must be in contact with the same air for at least 5 minutes, so safety increases when we effectively run alone and in routes that we have previously traced.

  • Trail Running or Ultratrail

We know that these times the getaways are quite limited, but if you have the opportunity to go out in your town to the mountains or the countryside, perhaps it is a good time to change the street running for the trail running! The open air with little influx of people and almost zero vehicular influx can be the key to going out and doing running with freedom even in times of covid . Moreover, it has been shown that it is in closed and crowded spaces such as the city, or even gyms, where the probability of contagion among athletes increases.

On the other hand, in the countryside and in the mountains, even in coastal areas if you have the opportunity to go, because the adaptation will be much better. The possibilities will always change from athlete to athlete, but surely the desire will not be lacking for the majority. Take advantage of the fact that external conditions and factors limit the possibility of contagion (weather, etc.), turning running outdoors into an activity of low risk these days; this but as long as you comply with the rest of the necessary measures and always wear your sports mask.

running en tiempos de covid

Additional tips for finding the right place to run

It doesn't matter if you're a lifelong runner, or if you're a novice looking for a change in your lifestyle, it's always a good time to start a new sport like running if your conditions physical and respiratory allow you. Above we have told you a little about the measures you must take to make running safe in times of covid, and now we will tell you a little about how to choose the right place to practice this sport. Follow these tips to help you create the right running route, regardless of your experience, ability or goals, so you can make the most of your time and stay safe at all times.

Selecting a route to run:

You can't just put on your sneakers and run! Although the temptation to do it is too much, wait a moment and stop to think about where you are going to run, and consider all the factors that would directly or indirectly affect your route. Knowing where you're going to run, the approximate distance, and being prepared for potential surprises can make all the difference. Please note:

  • Distance
  • Accessibility
  • Time
  • Terrain

Plot your goals:

Knowing the objectives can be important when choosing the route according to what you need to achieve.

  • A specific event or competition
  • Running to improve your physical condition
  • You want to run to improve your stamina
  • You try to burn as many calories in as little time as possible.

On the other hand, if you train long distances, you may find yourself looking for routes of different distances to start with shorter ones and gradually increase the distance to build endurance over time. If you want to burn calories fast, you probably prefer hilly routes since we know that running uphill, we consume more energy and, therefore, burn more calories than running a similar distance over a flat surface.

Go somewhere you feel comfortable:

Route planning also depends on where you are. If you are in a city, you should take into account other things than those who run in the country. Remember that if you live in the city you must take these factors into account:

  • Traffic
  • The traffic of people
  • Air quality
  • Accessible routes or paths
  • Curfew in times of covid
  • Running in private outdoor areas
  • Avoid dimly lit areas

Understanding the terrain and knowing what to expect will help you make the most of your run start and avoid unnecessary delays.

How to plan your running route in times of covid?

Remember that preparing is also for the brave! Although you can go to your heart's content and explore the best routes, the best thing to do is always a map. On the mobile with simple applications, including Google Maps, you can follow the line of routes and not have a way to go. If you have your objectives in mind, it will be very easy for you to understand which way it may be good to go again or for the first time, at what time to do it and what alternative routes are left for you in the surroundings in case of any inconvenience. The idea with this is that you can see the whole panorama, understand where the nearest rest points are and where you can rest for a moment if necessary.

Don't neglect your safety!

What has been said: One of the best ways to be safe is to mark the route that you are going to do before going out for a run.

  • Search for open, clear routes that are not under construction
  • Little traveled routes in times of covid
  • Well lit routes
  • If you are going to isolated areas, let us know beforehand

Safety is always an important thing to consider when choosing the route to run. You can feel freedom when running and stay safe at the same time

And, most importantly…
Run and have fun without stress!

It doesn't matter the dirt or the asphalt, in times of Covid there is what there is, but if you are able to adapt to the circumstances you have half the fight won. Remember that ensuring that we can do some sport in our day to day is essential.

running en tiempos de covid

In short. Of course it is possible to go running in times of Covid! Do not forget everything I have told you:

What should we do to run in times of covid?

  • Take advantage of clearing your mind and breathing fresh air
  • Run alone or with those we live in
  • Take the minimum necessary with you, including hydroalcoholic gel
  • Bring your own water
  • Plan your route before you leave
  • Run very early in the morning, or at night
  • Avoid crowds
  • He wears a special mask for sports
  • Take care of yourself and others
  • Go out and have fun!

Now yes, are you ready to go out and do running in times of covid?