Russel Henshaw: el talentoso e imparable esquiador australiano


Russel Henshaw: the talented and unstoppable Australian skier

Australia is by no means a home to world-class skiers, but Russell Henshaw is certainly an exception in this case. Russell was born in Sydney in 1990 and from a very young age it was clear to him that skiing was his thing. At only three years old he put on two skis and went down the mountain , it was the first time he had done it... and he was not going to stop until today. When he was still learning, his parents made the decision to move to Jindabyne (New South Wales) a place full of snowy fields; that's where Russell was able to focus on perfecting his talent, his style and participating in his first 12 and under slalom events.

From then on, Russell's mastery of the skis improved significantly until he was able to compete against other elite skiers in Grand Slam events around the world. At just 15 years old, he broke his kneecap , breaking it into more than 30 pieces. The doctors told him that he would have problems walking for the rest of his life, that he would not be able to run again. But Russel made a full recovery and proved them wrong.

Also, in 2011 he tore his ACL in his knee while attempting a “switch unnatural dub rodeo nine” in Alaska. The injury kept him away from the slopes for a while but, wanting to return to them as soon as possible, he also recovered quickly. That same year he got gold at the X Games, almost nothing! He nailed the second “triple cork” in ski history and took countless medals at the World Championships. The truth is that, since then, he has not stopped getting on the podium. Few things can stop this talented skier.

But not all his life revolves around skiing In 2009 he appeared in a movie: “In Deep”. His film “Days Of My Youth”, starring Russ Henshaw, Richard Permin, Bobby Brown, PK Hunder and Markus Eder, was released last September.