Salto BASE de exhibición: dos vídeos que no te puedes perder


Exhibition BASE jumping: two videos you can't miss

Today we bring you two BASE Jumping exhibition videos by Richi Navarro, our BASE jumper from the The Indian Face team. The first of them is a magical jump, from the first person, from a paraglider at the Boí-Taüll station (Lleida). Impressive.

The second is another two jumps by this adrenaline hunter from a crane at the top of the Bali hotel in Murcia. We can observe these jumps in the first person and from more angles, in the third person. In addition, one jump is during the day and the other at night. Incredible.

We leave you with them, they are two videos that if you like strong emotions you should not miss. Enjoy them!

Richi Navarro, the Base Jumping specialist author of these two videos, presides the Spanish BASE Jumping Association. Born in Lleida 34 years ago, Richi suffered a traffic accident in which he miraculously saved his life . This experience totally changed the way I see things. He realized that he could die at any moment without having done what he most wanted: fly. He tattooed his new motto on his right foot: "Live like you will die today" ("live as if it were the last day"). Until today he has made more than 300 jumps in seven different countries.