Skate en Lanzarote: una pasada de isla para patinar


Skate in Lanzarote: an island pass to skate

Lanzarote is an island famous for its potential for surfing on its beaches. But it's also a place where you can unleash your tricks and your creativity on skateboarding. And it is that today we bring you a video in which we show you what you can enjoy doing Skate in Lanzarote. During this short clip you will see images of skaters doing their thing in various towns on the Canary Island.

And it's a great excuse to get to know the island well. Lanzarote is not only its beaches. They are also its set of towns with white walls, wide squares and well-equipped parks. You can find several skateparks on the island, which you will see in the video. If you like skateboarding and you are planning to take a trip this summer, Lanzarote could be a very good idea.