Ski Jumping y Ski Flying: las locuras en el salto de esquí de los años 80


Ski Jumping and Ski Flying: the follies in ski jumping of the 80s

During the 80s, ski jumping competitions were one of the most extreme sports that could be practiced. Even today it could still be considered so.

This video is highly recommended to watch if you like this sport, the spectacular jumps. speed, and precision in incredible landings on the snow.

You will see some falls that will leave you feeling sick (some of them are a bit difficult to see since the protagonist is seriously injured) although you will also see magnificent jumps that will leave your hair on end. If you stay to watch the video until the end, you can enjoy the world record ski jump jump. A magical moment in which the Austrian Andreas Felder flew nothing more and nothing less than 627 feet: more than 191 meters!