Así es el paracaidismo en Sídney-Wollongong (Australia)


This is skydiving in Sydney-Wollongong (Australia)

Are you a lover of extreme and adventure sports? Discover the experience of doing skydiving in Sydney-Wollongong!

How is skydiving in Australia?

One of the best spots for skydiving is undoubtedly Australia! Its vast expanses of coast and mountains make it an ideal place to admire its natural beauties, while you venture into one of the most extreme sports in the world. If you've never been, it's time to write it down on your calendar for your next adventure trip. Are you a lover of extreme sports? Discover everything this incredible skydiving spot has to offer!

Skydiving in Sydney-Wollongong?

If you haven't ventured skydiving yet, there is no better place than to launch yourself in tandem from Sydney (Australia), to Wollongong Beach . This adrenaline-filled experience, as you already know, consists of a parachute launch from an airplane or other aircraft, or even from a mountain or a fixed place with a height. In this case, skydiving in Australia is done from a small plane over the beach of Wollongong. Quite an adventure to enjoy with your most extreme compis!

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Remember that skydiving is a risky sport and you must take all precautionary measures if you decide to venture into this type of activity! For this reason, we recommend that you carry out prior preparation and inform yourself very well about this sporting discipline, both physically and mentally. The idea is that you enjoy a fun experience and finally quench your thirst for adventure and adrenaline.

Once you have made the decision to practice skydiving there will be no doubt that you will be a new and renewed person after having lived this unique experience, because this is undoubtedly one of the best places on the planet to jump.

Are you ready to feel such an emotion? Join us to discover a little more about adventure skydiving in Sydney-Wollongong!

Paracaidismo en Australia

How is skydiving in Sydney - Wollongong?

One of the things that Sydney gives you are the unbeatable landscapes, crystal clear waters on its coasts, the bluest seas and the vibrant natural flora that surrounds it: endless natural colors that leave a mark on anyone, especially if you admire them from the heights in the front row.

The parachute launch is made from the heights over Wollongong Beach, a beach in the city of Wollongong in the southeast of the country, a little further 80 kilometers to the south in the city of Sydney.

This is a location much visited by local adventurers and tourists looking for an unforgettable skydive launch, especially the less experienced, who do skydiving tandem style with an instructor , tied with a double harness system. This is highly recommended for those who are venturing out as a beginner and is just the unforgettable experience you will find in Wollongong, Sydney.

How do I skydive in Sydney - Wollongong?

In the place you find many options of agencies that make it easier for you to jump, so you must choose the one that best suits your needs. But this adventure is like no other from where you look at it! Once you arrive at the established location, the team of skydiving instructors and the security team of the agency of your choice take time to clarify all the security measures, in addition to starting a brief question and answer session.

Once the initiation part to skydiving has passed in the area, it is time to get ready to go up in a plane and soar between 4.300 and 4.500 meters high, to the launch spot. At this time, the instructor or master skydiver will equip you with the necessary resources for the jump, and will fasten your harness following all the technical details of the protocol.

The ride is very pleasant and exciting. From the windows of the plane you can see the landscapes of the coast and the truth is that they are really impressive. It's normal for you to start feeling jittery with excitement at this point as the time to drop in to the breathtaking views of SydneyWollongong is getting closer and closer.

Paracaidismo en Wollongong

Skydiving in Sydney - Wollongong

The experience continues with the launch from the plane over the beach Wollongong. At this moment your trust and security are placed completely on your accompanying instructor and on yourself during the experience.

The initial free fall, from the time you jump out of the plane, lasts approximately 1 minute -although it will feel like it takes an eternity- and you go at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour, until the instructor is ready to deploy the parachute Honestly this is the coolest part of the whole experience! And it is the one that fills you the most with adrenaline and emotion. You will not believe where you are and how incredible it is to feel the wind on your face in this unique way.

The next part of the skydive is absolutely exciting. You catch your breath a bit more during the open parachute overflight, which will take approximately 5 to 8 minutes before landing on the sandy beach or in a strategic spot in Stuart Park. You'll see first hand the scenic beauty of Sydney's south shoreline and coastal views from Jervis Bay to Sydney's north. If you are lucky you will surely be able to observe whales and dolphins in the sea!

The whole experience of skydiving in Sydney Wollongong is a blast from start to finish. The descent in particular is great to see the entire coastal city from a different point of view. With the parachute open, you will be able to exchange words with the instructor who will give you some indication about the maneuvers he performs as he glides and stabilizes the parachute in the wind until the landing point. The truth is, nothing compares to this adrenaline-pumping jump!

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Skydiving: Tips

Those who have done this activity know very well that without a doubt this parachute drop is a mandatory stop in this Australian city! Simply an adventure to do at least once in a lifetime, which you will undoubtedly want! repeat!

The truth is that the skydiving agencies available in the city are usually very well prepared to take on the challenge and flow of tourists who visit Sydney to practice this activity. Normally they provide the possibility of traveling by private bus to the meeting point, they provide additional video and photography capture services during the launch, and they also issue you a certificate of achievement that you can take home with you as a souvenir.

For this activity, most agencies will require that the participant be over 12 years of age and that minors be accompanied by a representative, so it will be good to take this into consideration before making the jump.

In addition, you will be required to wear closed-toe shoes and comfortable sports clothing, no high heels, boots, or jeans. It is also possible that there is an extra charge in the payment if your weight exceeds 90-95 kilograms. All these are details that we recommend you check with the agency before making the purchase or reserving your place.

Another of the conditions that the agencies usually look at are the conditions of the participant in terms of heart defects and epileptics, and it is also an activity that is subject to weather conditions, so the appointment could be subject to changes if the weather does not favor jumping.

Paracaidismo en Australia


Where do I skydive in Australia?

Australia is full of incredible settings to parachute into. Not only can you choose to do skydiving in Wollongong. We leave you with another couple of great options that we think are also great for skydiving in Australia!


The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Queensland in northeastern Australia is the largest living species on earth and you can venture as far below water as above it if you do skydiving in Cairns, Australia. This is truly a ride not to be missed, whether you have previously dived its length and are looking for a different angle, or want to skydive with one of the most impressive views of the Australian coastline.

The crystal clear water in the area will allow you an impressive view of the GBC. It would not be unusual for you to also see some marine animals on this tour such as dolphins, whales and even sharks, and other marine species.

On your jump from Cairns you fly over the treetops of the Daintree rainforest in equally tandem style, with unmistakable panoramic views of Australia's Great Barrier Reef. The launch occurs under the same dynamic: at a height of 4500m, with a minute of free fall and then 5 to 8 minutes of descent with an open parachute, however, the views are unmistakably different, each one with its beauty and special majesty.

The recommendations of the agencies are usually very similar to each other, and do not be surprised that you can find the same agency that offers the opportunity to launch with them in different parts of the country.

You can complement this adventure with the excursions and guided tours offered in the city, such as full days to Fitzroy Island departing from Cairns to explore the wonders of the GBC, or tours of the Spingbrook and Tamborine humid forests, 4x4 tours from Hervey Bay, Green Island tours from Cairns, scuba diving cruises and more that this great coastal area has to offer.


The Western Australian coastline will have another meaning after you skydive from Rottnest Island in Australia, 19km off the coast of Fremantle, just a short ferry ride away away. Many agencies in this spot allow you to launch from the height of your preference, so you can choose between the 2.400km high up to 4.500

Another advantage of parachuting from this spot is that the following descent on the island is more enjoyable and relaxed, since the island is full of other tourist and leisure activities that you can join, for example, having a drink to celebrate the experience with your friends, or enjoying a day at the beach in a different place and further away from the city.

And of course, the panoramic views of the coasts when you skydive Rottnest Island Australia will leave you in awe from start to finish, from its crystal clear waters to its fauna and flora unique.

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What is Australia like?

Australia is a very touristy and very beautiful country surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans that we definitely recommend visiting, especially if you want to practice skydiving in one of its impressive main coastal cities: Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Adelaide.

And it is that skydiving supposes a moment of incomparable adrenaline and more if you combine it with the beautiful panoramic views of this great coastal area.

Are you ready to live the experience? Enjoy the adventure of skydiving over the amazing shores of Australia!