Splitboard: la fusión entre el snowboard y el esquí de travesía


Splitboard: the fusion between snowboard and ski touring

From a very basic point of view we can say that the splitoboard is a snowboard that breaks in half. For the ascent it is dismounted becoming two skis; incorporating seal skins and changing the positions of the bindings, we are ready to make the ascent. For the descent, the two parts of the board are joined , the bindings are mounted and you are ready to slide down the mountain doing splitboard.

If you are wondering what is required to practice splitboard, you should know that, as it is a discipline that is mostly carried out off-piste or on rough terrain, it will be necessary for us, apart from the splitboard equipment itself and its accessories, safety equipment for winter sports: ARVA, a shovel and the probe, as well as sticks to focus, crampons and an ice ax (if our route is high mountain). You must bear in mind that a large and adequate backpack is also essential where we can store all the accessories that we are going to need.

Obviously all this team isn't very useful if we don't know how to take advantage of it. In fact, this is achieved by learning through an initiation course or by going out into the mountains with more experienced people and observing how they perform using these accessories.

Splitboarding is practiced on the winter mountain, so a good relationship between us and the mountain itself will be essential, as well as your physical and technical preparation and good knowledge of the environment are guarantees of success and elements important to keep in mind.

To get started on splitboarding, the best advice is that whatever you do, do it with respect, prudence and safety. For this you must be properly trained or informed. Snowboard instructors will teach you good off-piste techniques, essential to get out of many situations. And the high mountain guides will tell you that a guide, like people with experience and training, very important information and tricks and that you must learn to move well on the mountain practicing splitboard.