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Sports fashion | Advantages of wearing sunglasses with red lenses

Wearing sunglasses is becoming more and more popular. Sunglasses, both those with red lenses and those with other colors, have progressively established themselves in the world of fashion and accessories, as one of the favorite accessories for athletes and nature lovers , who enjoy spending good times outdoors. The sunglasses, which began as a fashion item for the beach and summer almost exclusively, since today they have become a timeless accessory, and very iconic in the world of fashion and sports, both among professional athletes and amateurs.

And the most incredible thing of all is that we use sunglasses, in themselves, as a fashion accessory no matter where we are, be it the beach, the countryside or in the city, be it winter or summer, or whatever whether (or not) the day is completely clear or partly cloudy. Anytime is a good time to buy sunglasses! Without any doubt, sunglasses have become a sport-casual accessory with the potential to be much -very much- more than a simple accessory, but rather, a great enhancer of our character, helping us even to project our personality to the world. And, best of all, with the variety of options available on the market, we can be able to choose from almost infinite different categories, colors, sizes and qualities when buying sunglasses.

Therefore, it will always be beneficial to keep in mind what are the trending colors in sunglasses this year but also the benefits they have for you. This year the red sunglasses take the prize! It is followed by others such as green, blue, and models of sunglasses with frames tortoise (tortoise) and the classic black. You already knew it? For our part, we know that true lovers of adventure and sports hardly have enough with a single pair of sunglasses. Therefore, it is best to have a repertoire of different models that are useful for different occasions. This time we are going to the benefits of one of the most popular sunglasses this year. Do you know how to choose the best sunglasses for you? Do you know how versatile red sunglasses can be in particular?

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As with all sports accessories, sunglasses have an aesthetic benefit and a practical benefit. And one of the most important factors to take into account when we are going to buy sunglasses is the color of the lens, since it can be beneficial both for our eye health, and to enhance our style and fashion. Firstly, because we know that having several models makes our sunglasses collection fashionable, and secondly, because the benefits of certain colors, such as red, are better for taking care of our vision and having a better performance at certain times. and specific circumstances.

Therefore, in addition to its aesthetic use, it is important that you know its practical use.Not only is it ideal for being fashionable, it is more useful than you think! Sunglasses have ceased to be a mere accessory to become a true protector of our eye health, so we are going to move away for the moment from the color red understood as something aesthetic and we will focus on knowing why the red color in the lenses of our sunglasses is necessary and when it is important to use it. Below we answer some of the questions you might have right now about why it is beneficial to wear red sunglasses:

What is the importance of glasses with red lenses?

If you are a sports lover and you ski, snowboard, practice mountain biking, windsurfing or trail running, surely you are one of those who already have at least a pair of sports sunglasses with red lenses, or are you looking for some .And it is that, sunglasses with red glass are suitable, especially, for practicing outdoor sports, especially in places where snowy landscapes abound or where vast expanses of water abound. However, they work well in all weather conditions, especially during sunrise and sunset when the sun is at a low point.

The biggest advantage of red sunglasses is that, in addition to protecting your eyesight, they add contrast of light and color, and help you improve your vision when there is not enough in the environment. Therefore, even if you practice cycling or running, these glasses will also fit your needs. In fact, it has been proven that the use of red sunglasses, even during the practice of other sports disciplines apart from those of high mountains, such as tennis, are also very useful. This is because when playing in open places, but there is not much visibility in the environment (because it is cloudy or because there is too much sun falling) athletes may have difficulty seeing moving objects, for example, a tennis ball.

Among the advantages of buying red sunglasses, we highlight the good depth of field they offer, as well as the increased contrast in the colors that can be seen through them. This helps, as we said before, to better observe moving objects, but also reduces eye fatigue and especially helps to improve low light conditions.

Red sunglasses are ideal for sports and adventure lovers!

If you want red cycling glasses, for example, because you are going to practice this sport specifically, the best thing you can do is opt for glasses with a wraparound frame, which cover your face well from all sides. sides. Also, they should be sunglasses that offer good support and integrate well with your helmet.Using a type of protection with these characteristics will help you to be more efficient in your races. The reason for this statement is that the main function of cycling glasses, and more specifically, red cycling glasses, is that they prevent the light from the sun's rays from dazzling you and taking away your vision, as well as slowing down the effect of the wind on the face, which dries out our eyes and reduces our visibility of the environment. On the other hand, insects or particles from the environment that are directed at your eyes will be deflected by the lenses of your glasses. In other words, the glasses perform the function that a car windshield would.

If, in addition to wearing sunglasses while riding a bike, you introduce red lenses to them, your chances of optimizing your run will increase enormously; especially on cloudy days, since they will help you to have a good visibility of the terrain and the environment. The same goes for all other outdoor sports! At our brand The Indian Face we have a wide range of approved sunglasses, many of which are red lens sunglasses and red lens sports sunglasses. Among its numerous features, we highlight that they have High Definition polarized TAC lenses, they are in category 3, UV-400, and in terms of protection and its frame, made of extremely light polycarbonate, is Unisex.

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Sunglasses with red lenses are also a fashion item!

In addition to being a completely practical and necessary item, sunglasses are at the center of our face, so they are also an aesthetic complement. Each season brings with it fashions and trends that change over time. This also affects the size, shape and color of the sunglasses.

We find that one summer more extravagant models are worn and another, for whatever reason, minimalists triumph. There are hundreds of alternatives, however, there are certain designs that, no matter how many years pass, remain as appealing as the first day: they last over time. They are absolutely timeless models that do not go out of style and that, in many cases, we already have in our possession.

This is the case of women's red glasses, which have been, and continue to be, an immovable trend that athletes, singers and movie stars have worn since its inception.Red sunglasses for men have also been promoted by mythical actors, musicians, athletes and public figures whose eyes we have rarely seen since they have not been detached from them at any time, and who have infected us a bit with the sunglasses fever understood as an aesthetic complement. we see it in legends like Elton John and celebrity models like Emily Ratajkowski, and sports champions like Rafa Nadal.

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    Since when have sunglasses with colored lenses existed?

    You may be wondering why sunglasses have tinted lenses. Well, its origin dates back several thousand years, when the Inuits, who lived constantly exposed to sunlight, decided to build gadgets that they made with materials they found in their path, such as shells, bones or wood, to avoid the aggressive entry of so much light into his eyes. In this way, they reduced the probability of suffering blindness due to the reflections of the sun on snow and ice.

    We look, more more specifically at the decade of the 30s, that the US Army.USAcommissioned a leading optical technology company to create goggles with tinted lenses for military aviators who claimed that when they flew, sunlight coming through the glass caused headaches, nausea, and dazzled them, preventing them from performing their maneuvers with skill. Since then, this useful accessory invented by the Inuit people has become an indispensable item for millions of people.

    Unlike the Inuit, who were guided by a wise intuition, today we know with certainty that the tinted lenses of sunglasses act as a screen, since they contain materials that are capable of absorbing and reflecting certain lengths concrete. For this reason we see the crystals dark or of another color. With this mechanism, the eye receives only certain types of waves, the most comfortable for your vision.

    How to choose the type of color you need in your lens?

    Does the fact that some glasses are dark in color mean that they protect us from UV rays? Not at all.The darkness of the lens only decreases the amount of light reaching the eye, but does not mean that they have the corresponding UV filter. In case of wearing glasses without a filter for too long, despite not perceiving the damage, since the vision is correct, certain long-term vision problems may appear, such as defective vision or ocular deviations.

    As we mentioned before, the reason for tinting sunglasses in a different color is not only aesthetic, but also practical; Gray or green tints hardly alter color perception, orange or yellow colors help in the perception of background contrasts, especially on cloudy days. Let's see now the practicality of using the color red in our lenses.

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    Why is it beneficial to wear sunglasses?

    Three words: health, style and protection. Sunglasses fever is everywhere, for fashion, for utility, for the style they bring style and for the personality they enhance. Glasses say a lot about us. It is true that no one stops to think about it much, but whether they are sunglasses or others, it does make a difference. But, beyond all the aesthetic benefits, let's not leave aside the infinite universe of practical benefits that sunglasses have. Wearing sunglasses is of vital importance, among other things, because the lenses absorb certain wavelengths of natural light. Did you know? And the benefits don't end here! There are many situations in which wearing adequate protection can distance us from suffering the consequences of not protecting ourselves:

    • Sunlight can cause serious eye diseases: Light is made up of a wide spectrum of waves, some of which are annoying or even dangerous for our eyes. It is not new to talk about the damage that originates in the eye due to the sun. In the long term, the ultraviolet radiation emitted by this giant star affects the central vision area, which is responsible for giving us maximum visual acuity and color vision. This is why we should not underestimate the use of this product or file it in the "complement" folder, we should use it daily, regardless of whether it is autumn, winter or summer.
    • Dark Adaptation: Spending two to three hours in full sun can reduce our ability to quickly adapt to light levels at dusk or indoors. This can make driving at night, after spending a day in the sun without goggles, a dangerous activity.
    • Light-eyed people need more protection: Although we all need sunglasses, it is true that light-eyed people tend to suffer more from exposure. Not only because they are more photophobic (reject light) but because they have less protection and the rays are more harmful in their case.
    • You have to use them all year round, but especially on sunny summer days: It is at this time of year when the sun's rays fall perpendicularly on the earth and it is more annoying and also more dangerous for our health. At any other time—cloudy days or other times of the year—there are factors that can curb the harmful effects of the sun.
    • They must be approved: Another aspect to take into account is that the sunglasses we buy must be approved. Lenses should protect us from ultraviolet radiation. There are a lot of glasses on the market without UV protection, which causes the pupil to dilate and UV rays enter the eye without any barrier, so wearing sunglasses without UV protection can be more dangerous. not to take them

    In conclusion it is evident: sunglasses have it all! They are a completely necessary item for our health and our vision, and they are also an aesthetic complement that is very much the order of the day. Whether you are an athlete or not, we invite you to wear sunglasses with red lenses, you will be protected and fashionable. And if you need inspiration, at The Indian Face we will always be happy to help you.