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Sports glasses


Among the infinite world of sunglasses we find sports glasses. They are specially designed to accompany you when you practice outdoor sports. Its design is designed to meet your sports needs, to ensure that your eyes are properly protected from ultraviolet rays, and that your vision is not interrupted by excess or lack of light.

Are sports glasses important?

Sports sunglasses are not only important, they are essential to ensure eye protection and good visual acuity. Few or no outdoor sports should be done without sports glasses, first for protection and second for utility.

The sun and light are not a game, especially if the sport you practice involves some degree of risk to a greater or lesser extent. The senses must be well sharpened, and with the appropriate sports glasses we will help our eyes not suffer distractions due to annoying light, cloudy days with little light, failures in color contrast, and alterations in the visual range .

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Do you know which sports glasses you should buy?


  • The sports glasses you choose must have UV-400 protection. This filter will protect you from UV rays completely, including UVA and UVB rays. This means that your sports sunglasses will block any ultraviolet rays with a wavelength less than 400 nanometers.

  • Invest in quality. Acquiring sports glasses is an investment, as much as the rest of the equipment necessary to practice a physical discipline. It is not necessary that you buy the most expensive ones, in fact, there are very good options at not so high prices, but the reality is that they will be exposed to the weather, so they must be resistant and well-implemented sports glasses.

  • Choose lightweight models. Many people do not use sports glasses because they are unaware of how important they are and because they have the false belief that they cause discomfort. On the contrary, the correct sports glasses practically become one more part of the athlete. Choosing light and resistant models will be the best.

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  • Make sure the glasses fit your face very well. Sports glasses should fit well on your face and stay in place during physical performance. As we have mentioned, sports glasses will become part of the athlete, but only when they fit correctly to the features of his head and face.

  • Wear sports glasses with protection against sweat. Doing sports involves more or less sweating depending on the activity, but there will undoubtedly be sweat involved that should never interrupt visibility and sports glasses will help reduce the fall of sweat into the eyes.

  • Choose sports glasses with interchangeable lenses. Not all lenses work the same, so it will be very useful to have lens options for more or less cloudy days.

  • Use the sports glasses of the indicated color. If you practice sports on cloudy days, it is best to choose sports glasses with clear, yellow and orange lenses; If you play sports on sunny days, wear sports glasses with blue, purple, green and dark gray lenses.

  • Choose prescription sports glasses. These glasses have an inner frame to place corrective lenses if you have any visual condition.

  • Think about the place where you will practice the sport. There are sports disciplines that pose more obstacles than others. Think that the sports glasses you choose must be prepared to withstand the elements, dust, branches, insects, water, sand or stones are some of the hindrances that we could find and sports glasses must protect us from it.

  • Consider having more than one pair of sports glasses in the house. The lenses of sunglasses do not have the same functions, especially with regard to color and filter category that they have. If you regularly practice more than one sport, you should consider having sports sunglasses for each of them, since the conditions in which these disciplines take place are not the same.

Choosing your next sports glasses will be very simple and fun if you know how to do it. Take these tips and purchase criteria into consideration and there will be nothing but adventure on your way!

Gafas Deportivas