Gafas de Sol Deportivas: ¿Debo llevarlas todo el tiempo?


Sports Sunglasses: Should I wear them all the time?

Have you ever questioned whether you really need to wear sports sunglasses?

If you love adventure and practice outdoor sports, wearing sports sunglasses shouldn't be a reason for discussion. Wearing eye protection is just as important as wearing cream or spray sunscreen, or wearing the right clothing and shoes.

Take into account that in Spain the average number of sunny days a year is 300, and although this means that we will be able to exercise a lot outdoors and have a great time, it also means that we will have to take good care of ourselves so that the sun does not hurt us. affect in the short and medium term.

Gafas de Sol Deportivas

The sun is wonderful. It is the main source of energy and heat that the earth receives and brings with it many benefits for physical health and also psychological health. In addition, the dose of vitamin D that it provides us is key to the correct absorption of calcium in our bones, which keeps them healthy and strengthened.

But it is true that every day we pay a high price for all those benefits that the sun gives us, and that is that excessive exposure to it, without adequate care, is highly harmful to health.

That is why it is extremely important that as athletes and adventurers that we include the correct sunscreen for the discipline we practice in our sports material and equipment, and also the most suitable sports sunglasses.

Professional athletes know it very well, the glasses protect you from the weather, branches, insects, from sweat so that it does not fall into your eyes, and that your vision is in optimal conditions and protected from excess light and sunlight. Sun rays; and no one better than them to follow as an example.

If you have any doubts and want to know which sports sunglasses are the best for you, check out this advice guide for choose your sports glasses.

Gafas de Sol Deportivas


It is possible that we feel protected if we go out to play sports outdoors on a cool and dimly lit day, but the first and main reason to use eye protection outdoors will always be to protect ourselves correctly from the UV rays that the sun emits, and They are always present during the day.

Just the color or aesthetics of the lens will not suffice. You must ensure that you purchase quality glasses from an authorized agent that offer protection against ultraviolet rays to avoid eye diseases and also prevent eye cancer.

How do I know if sunglasses protect me?

*Make sure that the sports sunglasses you use come with quality certificates and guarantee stickers that state the percentage of UVB and UVA rays that their lenses block from the sun's rays.

*If you have any doubts about some of your sports sunglasses take them to an optician and make sure of the degree of protection they have. With a simple test they will know.

*Don't confuse polarized and mirrored sports sunglasses with “protective glasses”. These types of lenses in your glasses help reduce brightness and the amount of visible light, but do not necessarily protect you from UV rays. They must always have the correct anti-ultraviolet protection.

Remember to buy sports sunglasses that come in packages with a seal of authenticity and other essential elements such as a user manual, warranty and/or spare parts. This will be a sign that you make the best purchase.

Gafas de Sol Deportivas


Don't get too confident, cloudy days are not synonymous with less radiation, because the rays pass through those clouds without a problem, even though we physically feel less heat and there is less light.

Cloudy or partly cloudy days don't mean you don't have to wear glasses, they mean “I have to wear the right sports sunglasses”, because we're still exposed even under these conditions.

For this type of day in which there may be less heat and less light, glasses with clear lenses, especially in yellow and orange colors, are the most ideal to protect you and at the same time allow you to have a correct vision of the contrasts and colors in the environment that surrounds you and be a crack in your sports discipline.


On the sunniest days you will feel that you cannot practice sports without wearing sports sunglasses, because the excess light simply will not allow you to see well or concentrate on the activity you are doing. In addition, it is very risky to perform some disciplines (for example, extreme or adventure sports) that require much more concentration than other sports that do not pose a high level of risk, both for oneself and for others.

The sports sunglasses that are most recommended to use when the sun is at its highest point in the sky, or if you are practicing sports in snowy or aquatic areas where there will be excess light, are glasses with blue, green, purple and red colors. You should also consider wearing sports sunglasses based on your protection category, as necessary.

Gafas de Sol Deportivas

Understanding the importance of wearing sports sunglasses if you practice outdoor sports will be key to properly protecting yourself and feeling comfortable when playing sports or exercising outside the home. Don't hesitate any longer! Include among your training equipment some good sports glasses and you will not regret it for a second.