¡Las gafas de sol y gorras trucker que más molaron en 2020!


The coolest sunglasses and trucker caps in 2020!

In 2020 the collection of trucker caps and sunglasses at The Indian Face@ sold like hot cakes, this perhaps because, although it was a quite a strange year, the Indian Spirits decided to enjoy an occasional getaway as far as the circumstances allowed us, and that is that they were also very cool, fashionable, and above all ideal to accompany you on the most extreme adventures , those that we know we will be able to enjoy throughout 2021, and for many more years to follow!

This has become an almost irreversible trend. That is why the same thing is expected to happen this year! And surely with a lot of desire more. What stood out the most was the versatility of the models, which in general is one of the coolest things among Indian Spirits. Our sunglassesl and .com/pages/caps-the-indian-face" target="_blank" title="sport trucker caps" rel="noopener noreferrer">sports trucker caps represent a unique style, no matter what if you are a boy or a girl. What's more, many of our followers actually consider them unisex sunglasses, ideal for any activity, be it going to the beach, hiking in the mountains or practicing sports.

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We know that 2020 has been a year in which many things have not turned out as we would like. Too many plans, trips, projects... They have fallen by the wayside during this year marked by the pandemic. However, since The Indian Face®, we don't want to be left with only the bad. This 2020 has also been a year of taking risks, of being happy about the little things, of giving importance to those details that perhaps we did not value enough before...

Since The Indian Face® we have not stopped working for a single moment of the year and try, despite all the difficulties along the way, to offer you products of quality for which to bet. We believe that we have done our job (although there are always things to improve...) For this reason, we want to make a compilation of this year's star products: the best-selling products in 2020, here, at The Indian Face®.

To begin with, we will talk about the total and absolute protagonist of our previous newsletter from last week. What did you think of everything we told you about Trucker Cap? This type of plugin has undoubtedly been one of the stars this year 2020. Our collection of caps that was created by and for lovers of sports and adventure has conquered everyone who has tried it.

These caps were inspired by the sports that most identify with us, so we can take the trucker style wherever we go. Our Cap Collection reflects each of our Indian Spirits in one way or another: from Born To Ultra Trail, Born to Snowboard, Born To Surf, Born to Fly... We haven't forgotten anyone!We wanted to offer each of our athletes or fans of adventure sports an accessory with personality that reflects what moves each one of them inside from them. And of course in dozens of colors!

A cap trucker style that undoubtedly defines who you are and the character you carry inside. With a cotton front and mesh back, 5 panels, 60% cotton, adjustable snapback closure... A classic inspired by the 80s and 90s! They are perfect to accompany you on your trips with a unique style.

best products <tc>The Indian Face</tc>

We know that this accessory is the favorite of many of our Indian Spirits, who do not leave home without it regardless of whether it is hot or cold. And this is because it not only protects from the sun outdoors, but it has become an element that is already part of your personality.

Our Indian Spirits like to dress in an urban and casual style, that's why this Trucker Cap is a must in their wardrobe! At The Indian Face® our collection of caps is designed for day in and day out. Since we can find both men's, women's and even children's caps, ideal for any activity, whether it's going to the beach, hiking in the mountains or practicing sports. And, of course, you can also combine them with your usual clothes if you want to give your way of dressing a modern and casual touch. Who dares to wear this trendy accessory always triumphs! Because they are designed for active, adventurous people who always like to enjoy everything they do in life!

The trucke capsr de The Indian Face have permeated the style of our brand. They are urban, with a casual and carefree touch. Enter our online catalog and find out for yourself! We have a wide collection of surf caps, skate caps and other inspired designs freestyle.

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On the other hand, we cannot continue without talking about our gafas de sol The Indian Face® . Our 2020 collection for men and women has been brutally welcomed by our Indian Spirits. The wide variety of models and colors has meant that each of our athletes and sports and adventure lovers found the ones that made them feel most comfortable, because they all are so cool! These are polarized lenses for any type of conditions, together with their ultra-light frames for a better sensation.

Despite the fact that they have all been a huge success, we are clear about which ones have been the most popular among our Indian Spirits. Have you seen our collection of sunglasses Tarifa? In blue, black, green, brown. Not to mention the Tortoise Rate, they are all amazing! These glasses convey to the world the idea that you are different while releasing your most personal style. Its angular lines are ideal for all types of faces, in addition to the fact that the frames and lenses available in various colors mean that you can combine them perfectly with your outfit.

Both boys and girls have opted this 2020 for Sunglasses Tarifa and without a doubt, they have been right. In addition to being of the highest quality, they are delivered in a box with The Indian Face® stickers included, together with a microfiber case where the lenses can be stored and cleaned at the same time. They are a real pass! For all these reasons, we are not surprised to have seen many of our Indian Spirits on the beaches of Tarifa, in Cádiz, wearing glasses in honor of that little Andalusian paradise.

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And last but not least, we have to talk about the “Oxygen Edition” glasses. The truth is that we are not surprised by the success they have had in 2020 because their design is the most innovative. And they look good on everyone! Few but exclusive: only the three “Crystal” models in green and blue, and the “Edition” have captivated most of our Indian Spirits. It is a sunglasses where the glass covers almost the entire surface and that makes them stand out from the rest.

In addition to its highest quality and its unisex frame, its frame made of polycarbonate offers maximum lightness to everyone who wears it. Plus, it comes with interchangeable temples! This model includes an extra set of temples as a gift in other colors with the assembly kit, so you can interchange the temples as many times as you want and create endless combinations. Definitely amazing!

best products <tc>The Indian Face</tc>

Without a doubt, this 2020 has not been a year that has left a good taste in our mouths, but since The Indian Face® we have wanted to highlight the best within the worst to motivate us for this new 2021.

We want to continue with our batteries charged while we also infect our Indian Spirits to continue motivated and encouraged with what is to come. Nothing can take away our desire and the illusion! Here's to a 2021 where that freedom we all want comes. #BornToBeFree