Gafas de Sol Mujer: ¡El accesorio más útil y a la moda!


Women's Sunglasses: The most useful and fashionable accessory!

Summer is just around the corner, and along with it the opportunity to get out and enjoy the sun!

Now you can think a little more about expanding your repertoire of women's sunglasses, those that you love so much and make you look incredible in all your facets, from the most fashionista even the sportiest. And of course, you should already know very well, a single pair of sunglasses will never be enough!

We've previously discussed this in our entry Sunglasses: A single pair of glasses is not enough . If you happen to have missed it, we invite you to watch it and learn the real benefits of having more than just one pair of sunglasses in your closet.

Gafas de Sol Mujer


Aesthetics and utility merge perfectly in this accessory, there is no doubt about that. The women's sunglasses were invented centuries ago with the intention of protecting vision from the sun's rays and excess light. And although today that is still the main reason why we should wear sunglasses, it is impressive how this accessory has evolved throughout the history of fashion.

I'm sure you'll look amazing in your women's sunglasses, but nothing will be more amazing than looking great and at the same time being really protected from the sun's rays.

On the one hand, we find utility for protection and then there is utility for aesthetics. In no book does it say that you cannot have one without the other, but our recommendation is that you do give priority to quality when you are going to use your sunglasses. That look will look even cooler if you pair it with the right glasses, but you should never compromise your vision on the road.

Gafas de Sol Mujer

It is very easy to get carried away by precious sunglasses, but the truth is that, if they do not come with a guarantee seal and a detailed description of the level of protection of the lenses, you will have no way to verify the quality of their glasses, except for the fact that they will break within a few days of buying them. So you should always buy excellent quality sunglasses.

Don't worry, buying the most optimal sunglasses does not mean that you invest more money than necessary. These days you can find incredible options at great prices if you look in the right places, so we recommend you keep in mind the price-quality ratio the next time you buy women's sunglasses. And we know that with these tips you will make the best decision!

Gafas de Sol Mujer


Every woman's dream is to have a lot of glasses to choose from, firstly because not all women's sunglasses will do the same for you, and secondly because it's always nice to vary the accessories when we go out with our colleagues, either to enjoy the day at the beach or meet up for a sports session.

Our recommendation is that little by little you acquire more sunglasses according to your needs, and according to the activities and sports you practice. Carefully consider the sunglasses that will be useful throughout the year, not just in the summer, and create a collection with which you can alternate pairs, avoiding wearing the wrong glasses and avoiding wearing them out due to excessive use.

Gafas de Sol Mujer

And now you will surely wonder, which ones should I consider choosing? Here are some styles that you can include in your repertoire of women's sunglasses:

Glasses with clear lenses:

Sunglasses with clear lenses are ideal for cloudy or partly cloudy days, and for use in the afternoon when the sun is low in the sky. They are also ideal for driving, and playing sports when you need to reduce eye fatigue a little in low light or if you are in shady areas. Remember that the fact that they are clear lenses does not mean that they have a higher or lower level of protection against the sun's rays, that will be determined by the UV protection percentage of the glasses.

Glasses with dark lenses:

Sunglasses with dark lenses, just like clear ones, are not synonymous with less or more UV protection (this is always indicated by the quality sticker). Dark glasses will help to avoid excess light in your eyes, helping with annoying reflections. They are ideal for the sunniest days, or if you leave the house at peak times.

Mirrored glasses:

Glasses with mirrored lenses look great and you can usually get them in a variety of colors. This model of women's sunglasses are especially indicated when the light is greater, for example, when you visit the snow, the beach or the pool, and also if you practice any sport in these conditions, since you will perceive more light because it reflects off these surfaces.

Pearly glasses

Sunglasses with pearlescent frames are very popular this summer. They are a style that reflects security and confidence in whoever wears them. You get them normally in honey and brown tones, but also in gray and black, which will undoubtedly look great with the outfit you are wearing.

Round glasses

This style of glasses is considered a classic and looks great in almost any color. They tend to look better on people with triangular faces and on oval faces.

Square glasses

Square-framed glasses are also a staple in any sunglasses collection. They tend to look best in neutral colors like white, black, gray and brown. People with round faces and/or long faces are advised to choose this model of sunglasses.

Sports glasses

It is essential to have a pair of sports glasses in your collection since, due to their shape, design and material, they are the most recommended to enjoy when you go jogging or running, and also if you practice adventure sports.

Casual glasses

It will be good to have a “casual” pair of sunglasses that you can use in your day to day and always carry with you to protect yourself from the sun's rays.

Stylish glasses

It will also be ideal if you include a pair of “stylish” sunglasses that you can use when you have important events outdoors during the day, so that you combine the elegance of your look and at the same time keep yourself protected.

Remember that when you go with sunglasses, you have to know how to choose well. It is best that you also consider other factors in your choice of use and purchase when purchasing new women's sunglasses, including the shape of your face, the brightness of your skin and the color of your hair .

Gafas de Sol Mujer


For many celebrities, sunglasses are a complement that accompanies them in their day to day. Here we explain what is the style that the great artists bet on. The singer and actress Miley Cyrus usually wears large round white glasses. Rihanna also goes for white, but with a rectangular shape clearly in keeping with her face. Here we indicate which ones They are the ideal glasses depending on the shape of your face!

The model Wayfarer as well as the aviator are styles that never fail and we can see them in singers of the stature of Taylor Swift.

Others, like Olivia Palermo, are inspired by a retro style with a classic but striking silhouette.

For a few years now, the fashion trend for glasses has been oversize, which, although you must have a very specific face (neither too big nor too small), some characters like Victoria Beckahm don't take them off.

Finally, we see how many actresses and models appear with the so-called cat eye which are a style of glasses with a frame that reminds us a bit of the great Hollywood actresses of the 50s. A sophisticated and classic style.

Do you know how to buy sunglasses? Do not miss our practical guide on how to get the best sunglasses sun woman, and you know exactly what to buy and how to buy them with the best quality. Follow these tips and get ready to enjoy the summer with the best sunglasses!