Surf en Maldivas: el surf-trip de tus sueños


Surfing in the Maldives: the surf-trip of your dreams

If you love surfing, surely you have already been to the Maldives, and if you haven't gone yet, surely that is one of the trips you have on your agenda and that you are looking forward to doing. Be that as it may, whether you have already packed your bags more than once to go enjoy the waves of this fantastic archipelago, or if for the moment you have only been able to see them in photographs and videos, read this article and you will know much more about the new paradise of the good surfer.

The Maldives are a beautiful archipelago that is made up of no more and no less than 1,190 coral islands, all of which make up a group of 26 atolls located in the southwestern part of Sri Lanka, that is, in the Indian Ocean. The Maldives are a very virginal space, a space where you can get lost among its more than two hundred inhabited islands (202 specifically), it should be noted that of all of them, a little less than a hundred, are islands of a purely holiday nature. Nature is presented in its maximum splendor and magnificence in the Maldives, dreamlike coral reefs and beautiful coconut trees are two of the elements of nature that will come to meet you in this place.

All of the above is fine, but for you who are really passionate about and adore in life is surfing, The Maldives offer you much more than a fantastic nature, sun and beach destination, because The Maldives for its particular conditions become a unique redoubt to practice this wonderful sport that is surfing. With the Deep Blue O'Neill as an outstanding competition in the world environment, The Maldives are an ideal space for surfers, since they have breakers that you will surely go out of your way to discover.

If you arrive for the first time in the Maldives, it is likely that you will do so in the Malé Atoll area, as this is the surfing area par excellence of the entire archipelago, it is the best known and most crowded area, it is the area “ famous” par excellence of the surfer. But if what you like is to discover new places, go where no one has gone and escape from what everyone goes to, then you also have your place in the Maldives, because the place will offer you interesting breaks to discover .

The variety of breaks in the Maldives is also very important and varied, from gentle waves to deep-draft tubes, and at the same time the tropical climate of the place makes it an optimal place to be visited all year round, although For surfers like you, the archipelago shows its maximum potential among the wide range that runs between the months of February and November, being from May until the end of October when the best and most impressive waves for surfing are recorded. Visit The Maldives and you will not return disappointed, your passion for surfing will find its great private paradise in this beautiful place.

Surf en Maldivas: el surf-trip de tus sueños