Surferos rusos a -15 grados en Vladivostok


Russian surfers at -15 degrees in Vladivostok

Have you ever surfed in very low temperatures? Do you like surfing in winter? Would you take your wetsuit and your board and go looking for waves on a beach at 15 degrees below zero? Probably not. Or maybe yes, we have many lovers of extreme sports among our audience. But what is certain is that we are talking about a very extreme adventure. And this is precisely what a group of Russian surfers did in Vladivostok: bring surfing to the most extreme temperatures.

The truth is that it is quite extreme and Spanish surfers could do it on some exceptional occasion, but these Russian surfers are not afraid of anything and practice it habitually.

We are really talking about ice water, in a place where snow covers the shores and the rocks near the ice water. It is true that the adventure impresses and that the landscape is very beautiful, worth seeing. Here we leave you some photos of this surf session at minus 15 degrees in Vladivostok