Los mejores trucos del Bodyboard: deslízate con estilo sobre la ola


The best Bodyboard tricks: glide with style on the wave

The bodyboard, an exciting and energetic water sport that offers wave enthusiasts the opportunity to glide with style and skill across the ocean. With a bodyboard as their ally and a mastery of proper techniques, bodyboarders can perform a variety of impressive tricks that defy gravity and delight those who watch them. From aerial turns to perfect barrels, here are the top 10 bodyboard tricks that thrill surfers around the world.

The Roll

The roll is perhaps one of the most iconic and popular tricks in bodyboarding. It is a maneuver that defies gravity and takes the wave experience to a higher level. To perform this move, the bodyboarder boldly slides toward the lip of the wave, looking for the perfect moment to hook the edge of his board. With a combination of strength, balance and determination, the body propels itself upward, defying the force of the wave and creating a spectacular rotation in the air. It is a moment of pure adrenaline, where time seems to stop for an instant before the bodyboarder reconnects with the surface of the wave in a perfectly executed landing. Rolling requires not only technical skill, but also a deep connection to the movement of the ocean and an unwavering confidence in one's abilities. It is a tribute to the intrepid and bold spirit of those who dare to defy the forces of nature and conquer the waves with grace and style.

The Aerial

Aerial is one of the most spectacular and dazzling tricks in bodyboarding. It's a display of skill and daring that elevates the wave experience to new heights. To perform this trick, the bodyboarder looks for the perfect moment at the crest of the wave to launch himself upward, defying gravity with a powerful and determined momentum. In that ephemeral moment, the body rises into the air, like a bird flying through the sky, and that is when creativity and skill come into play. Bodyboarders can perform a variety of aerial tricks, from graceful spins to fearless pirouettes and daring flips, each adding their own touch of style and originality to surfing. It is a moment of pure freedom and expression, where limits fade and the surfer's spirit is freed to explore new frontiers in the realm of the waves. Aerial not only requires technical skill and coordination, but also a deep connection to the rhythm and flow of the ocean.

Aéreo en bodyboard

The Rodeo

The rodeo stands out for its technique and elegance. It is a perfect fusion between aerial grace and technical precision, which requires absolute control of the body and the board in the middle of the frenzy of the wave. When embarking on the rodeo, the bodyboarder boldly launches himself from the crest of the wave, looking for the precise moment to start the rotation. With an explosive momentum, the body is projected upward into the air, while the board faithfully follows its path, ready for the choreography that is about to unfold. The complexity of the rodeo lies in its simultaneous execution of an aerial turn and a lateral turn of the board. This unique combination of movements requires impeccable timing and pinpoint control to maintain balance in the chaos of the air.

The Backflip

The backflip, as the name suggests, involves performing a complete backward flip in the air before landing back on the wave. The key to a successful backflip lies in technique and precision. The bodyboarder must turn quickly and decisively, keeping the body tense and compact to maximize rotation speed. At the same time, precise control of the board is required to keep it level and stable during the turn, ensuring a smooth and controlled landing on the wave. It is one of the most difficult and risky tricks in bodyboarding, as it requires great strength and control to successfully complete the rotation. However, when performed correctly, the backflip is one of the most impressive and exciting tricks to watch.

Backflip en Bodyboard

The ARS (Air Roll Spin)

The ARS, or Air Roll Spin, This advanced trick fuses the classic roll with a lateral turn in the air, creating a maneuver that dazzles with its complexity and elegance. To perform an ARS successfully, the bodyboarder must first find the perfect wave, one that provides just the right amount of speed and power. Once in position, the surfer boldly propels himself off the crest of the wave, using the force of the wave to rise into the air with strength and determination.

At the height of the jump, the bodyboarder performs a rapid lateral rotation while executing a full roll, defying the forces of gravity with astonishing skill and precision. The key to a successful ARS lies in perfect synchronization between body movement and board rotation, requiring impeccable coordination and exceptional balance control.

The Tube

The tube, also known as the barrel, is the holy grail of bodyboarding. It involves sliding into the hollow cylinder of a wave as it breaks, a feat that requires precision, courage and an intimate connection with the power of the ocean.

Imagine being on the crest of a perfectly formed wave, feeling the adrenaline rush through your veins as you launch yourself forward with determination. With perfect timing, you glide into the hollow of the wave, engulfed in a swirl of water and foam. Maintaining balance and speed inside the tube is a challenge in itself. It requires a combination of skill, experience and a keen instinct to read sea conditions. One wrong move could mean being swallowed by the wave, while flawless execution allows you to emerge cleanly, emerging victorious from the barrel with an indescribable feeling of euphoria.

Tubo en bodyboard

Achieving a perfect tube is every bodyboarder's dream, a moment that remains etched in memory forever. It requires years of practice and dedication to master this elusive skill, but the reward of experiencing the feeling of being inside a perfect tube is incomparable.

Choose your favorite and practice until you get it

Bodyboarding offers a variety of exciting tricks that defy gravity and delight those who practice and watch them. From the classic roll to the impressive backflip, each trick offers its own dose of excitement and adrenaline on the waves. With practice, patience, and determination, bodyboarders can master these tricks and take their surfing to the next level. So grab your board, put on your wetsuit and venture out to try some of the best bodyboarding tricks on the waves.


What are the most popular bodyboard tricks?

The most popular tricks in bodyboarding include the roll, aerial, rodeo, backflip, ARS (Air Roll Spin) and barrel.

What does it take to master a trick on bodyboarding?

Mastering a trick on bodyboarding requires constant practice, patience and determination. It is also important to have a good understanding of the movement of the ocean and a deep connection with the board.

What is the hardest trick to learn on bodyboarding?

The most difficult trick to learn on bodyboarding can vary depending on each person's skill and experience, but many consider the backflip to be one of the most challenging due to its technical complexity and risk.

What is the difference between a roll and a backflip in bodyboarding?

The main difference between a roll and a backflip in bodyboarding is the direction of the turn. While in a roll the body turns forward, in a backflip the turn is done backwards.

What is the most spectacular trick that has been seen in the history of bodyboarding?

The most spectacular trick ever seen in bodyboarding history may be subjective, but some memorable moments include impressive aerial spins in extreme conditions and perfect barrels in giant waves.