Los mejores gadgets para prácticar deportes de invierno sin frío


The best gadgets to practice winter sports without cold

Many times we have felt a little lazier when practicing sports in the snow due to some external elements such as the cold.

So that this year nothing can stop you in The Indian Face we have decided to bring you a series of tips that will help you get the most out of the snow without worrying about the cold.

The best gadgets to practice winter sports without cold

1º The portable hand-warmer bags, these bags contain a thermal gel that can be both hot and cold. They have a very simple operation, you just have to press a metal tablet that they have inside and they will begin to heat up. They take up very little space and are reusable.

Bolsa térmica

2º The insoles for feet, the version of the previous product but for the feet, unlike this one that works with rechargeable batteries. Some of the best known are the ThermaCell ProFLEX.

plantillas termicas

3rd Heated socks, this can be the dream of the coldest, they have a rechargeable battery that can last up to 14 hours and the temperature is adjustable.

calcetines térmicos

4º Caps with music, you can warm up and listen to your favorite music. These accessories, like those of the Archos brand, are the most original way to keep your head warm, they work via bluetooth and batteries.

Gorro musica

5º Earmuffs with music, simply earmuffs into which they have inserted headphones. They can also work using bluetooth, or through cables and batteries.

orejeras música

6º Thermal coats, such as the Rossignol Hit Jacket made up of technical panels and with a control to regulate the temperature.

abrigo térmico

7º The device that dries and disinfects your boots, like the ThermiCare Sanitizer, dries, disinfects, prevents bad odors and has a timer. The best for your boots after a day of snow.

botas nieve calentador