La mejor música para hacer deporte


The best music for sports

If you are one of those people whose daily routine includes sports, then you know that one of the essential elements to train with motivation and give your all is music. Having a playlist that suits your style and that contains the best songs so that your spirits don't drop may be the key to training with enthusiasm, completely and may the willpower never leave you.

According to a scientific study, the University of Ösnabruck in Germany together with the music agency TRO and Amazon Music created the perfect music playlist for training. Aspects such as rhythm, lyrics or volume were decisive in creating a list of 60 songs that would be the perfect ones to carry out a complete workout.

For this reason, whether or not you are aware of the importance of choosing your music, here we present some playlists and single songs from the list that the studio created and others of our own choosing that are quite an icon and that we believe will take you as far as you want.

For the marathon

La mejor música para hacer deporte

If what you like is training for marathons, or running just for the pleasure of doing it, we recommend some songs so that the rhythm does not drop. You can always go to the playlists that are predetermined on Spotify such as: The Spain hit list. But if you are a bit more original and you like to stand out from what others listen to, then for you it could be songs like:

‘Blue Jeans’ by Lana del Rey or ‘Without me’ by Halsey to start the march little by little and pick up the pace without getting out of control. If you're already at your best and what you want is to 'give a bang' to your training, then you should listen to songs like the mythical 'Eye of the tiger' by Survivor or 'Can´t hold us' by Macklemore.

To finish the race at a good pace, but gradually lower your heart rate, it is best to listen to 'Don't stop the music' by Rihanna and 'Viva la vida' by coldplay; besides, is there a better way to end your training than listening to two hits like these?

To train on the street

Entrenamiento en la calle - La mejor música para hacer deporte

If you choose to carry out your routine on the street or in adapted parks with training areas, you must also make sure to choose the right music. When training alone, we can often get bored and sin of not giving our best, so it is essential to choose songs that push us to try harder.

With songs like 'In my mind' by Dynoro & Gigi D´Agostino or 'Rockstar' by Post Malone ft 21 Savage it's impossible for you to slow down, especially when you feel like you can't take it anymore and that a minute of ironing becomes the longest minute of your life.

If, on the other hand, you like techno music but a little more relaxed, don't worry, we understand you! We know that beats like 'In my mind' can be a bit intense and not suitable for everyone. For this reason, we recommend songs like 'One kiss' or 'How deep is your love' both by Calvin Harris, which, although they maintain that techno rhythm, are a little more relaxed than the previous ones Dare with this music and propose to exceed your limits!

Lover of ‘playlists

Suitable for everyone, but more so if you are a music fan who likes to keep up to date with the latest news, we bring you some music lists with the most current themes so that you can carry out your favorite training.

In this section, of course, we must mention The Spanish hit list, the favorite of many, since as its name indicates it is the list of the latest songs that they have come out and become a national hit. It is perfect if you do not have a very defined musical style, and if you also like to vary. If you listened to it right now, you could enjoy songs like 'Yonaguni' by Bad Bunny, 'Tiroteo', the remix of Marc Seguí, Raw Alejandro and Pol Granch, 'Eternal Oath of Salt' by Álvaro de Luna or 'All of you' by Raw Alejandro Is there anyone who doesn't already know?

Lista de Exitos España, Spotify - La mejor música para hacer deporte

If you are looking for a playlist but one that is dedicated especially to training, then for you are lists like 'Motivation Mix', and that is because its name it already lets you see it.

A list especially so that motivation does not wane. This list, which has a little more than five and a half million followers, is one of Spotify's leaders in terms of lists. Songs like 'Say my name' by Dimitri vegas and Like Mike, 'Que calor' by J Balvin or 'Carry on' by Kygo, indicate that the taste is also very varied, but if all the songs have one thing in common, it's that the rhythm never drops.

Motivation Mix. Spotify-La mejor música para hacer deporte

Of course there are tons more playlists available on Spotify and other platforms. We believe that these can be adapted to everyone, but if our proposals still do not fully convince you, you can go yourself in search of the perfect list for you because surely there is!

Strength training

Workout Beats , Spotify - La mejor música para hacer deporte

‘Workout beats’, is a slightly different list than the previous ones. This playlist plays with much more varied rhythms. Very upbeat songs are mixed with some more relaxed ones so that you can adapt your music to the moment of training and not have to be the one to adapt to it.

Although we have already mentioned the music charts before, for this one, we wanted to dedicate a specific section due to the specialization that it entails. For fans of strength, weight-based training and hyper-muscling 'Gym beast mode' is the right list. Topics like ‘The next episode’ by Dr. Dre, 'Lose yourself' by Eminem or 'Energy' by Drake already give you a hint of what this is like list and what their favorite rhythms are. So now you know if training in 'beast mode' is your thing, there is no doubt that this playlist is the right one for you.

Classics today and forever

We know that not everyone is a hit of the moment and that there are times when the songs we have as the soundtrack of our lives are those that are many years old. For this reason, if you define yourself as a person of this type, songs like 'Dream on' by Aerosmith, 'Material girl' by Madonna or 'Baby one more time' by Britney Spears is what you have to listen to while training to the maximum. The best of the 70s, 80s and 90s are the songs that you will like the most, and why not? Maybe the 60s too!

All out 80s, Spotify - La mejor música para hacer deporte

Healthy mind, healthy body

Yoga and Meditation, Spotify- La mejor música para hacer deporte

No one said that all workouts had to be high intensity. Today there are many who opt for a more relaxed pace of life and give the same cult to the mind, or even more than the one that is given to the body.

Being mentally well has become as fundamental or even more so than being physically healthy. Modalities as fashionable as yoga or pilates accompanied by meditation and a healthy lifestyle both in eating and in their actions, have made many people decide to follow this path and slow down their daily routines.

As there is no predetermined musical style, we suggest: ‘Yoga & Meditation’ on Spotify.

This type of playlist helps to focus on breathing, an essential element to obtain the benefits that these practices offer:John Ocean, William Edessa, Voyager or David Wingo are some of the artists you'll find on this list.

Training at home, another alternative

Ejercicio en Casa, Spotify- La mejor música para hacer deporte

If due to the coronavirus, you still do not dare to train surrounded by more people, or if training at home has always been your best ally, you are in luck, since training at home adapts to all the modalities you want.

'Exercise at home' is the list that we recommend since its rhythms, despite not being as intense as those of other lists that we have already commented, do have songs that will make you sweat as much as in a gym. Well-known groups such as The Artic Monkeys with their song 'Do I Wanna Know?', 'Reptilia' by The Strokes or 'Ride' by Twenty one Pilots are some of those who fill this very special and 'off-road' list.

Your own playlist

We have recommended many songs and music lists where you can find everything you need to keep up the rhythm and intensity of your cardio workouts, to give it your all in your strength workouts, to reminisce about old times or to relax if is what you need. But, if you still can't find the songs or those lists that suit you, remember that you can always make your own musical list and add the songs that motivate you the most and put you in a good mood to train 'at full throttle'.

If Spotify is your app of choice, all you have to do is:

  • Go to the song you like.
  • Click the right mouse button and select 'add to playlist' and 'new playlist' and your personal list would be created.

Six feet under' by Bohnes, 'Wake me up' by Avici and 'Sex on fire' of Kings of Leon are the three themes that we propose for you to start creating your personal music list.

If you've made it this far, you may have noticed that there are many mixes of styles that suit many types of people and if not, why not? You can create them yourself! So now you know, that music is not a reason not to train.