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Cantabria, how much we like you. Cantabria is one of the most magical communities in northern Spain that we have in our country. A region of green beauty, small towns that exude charm, wild beaches and gastronomic products that make Cantabria a place of worship. Cantabria is the destination that is never missing from the list of upcoming trips for those seeking tranquility, nature and good food. But let's not forget about our free spirit family, because Cantabria is one of the favorite places of the surfing community. What will the Cantabrian coast have that makes everyone who sets foot on it fall in love? Today we want you to discover with us the best spots in Cantabria for surfing, that's why we have prepared this guide surfer for your next surftrip. Are you ready?

But before revealing the best of the Cantabrian spots, we will resolve your main question. Why are the beaches in this area of ​​the coast popular with surfers? Easy. And it is that its coast includes more than 100 beaches of all sizes, from 5-kilometre beaches to remote coves, including all kinds of waves, fine golden sand... but if there is one thing all the sandbanks share, it is the quality of its waves. It is hard to choose among so many, so we have made a selection of the 5 best spots for surfing so that you can have fun to the rhythm of the waves:


That Berria is one of the favorite beaches of the locals is no coincidence. To begin with, Berria is located in an incomparable setting, on the Trasmier coast, about 2 km from Santoña. Its overwhelming green and the turquoise color of its waters, as well as its fine, golden sand make it stand out for its indisputable beauty. The conditions of its waters and, above all, the variety of peaks that it offers crown it as the queen beach of Cantabrian surfing. The most crowded peaks are the left of the mountain, a powerful, fast and tuber wave, perfect for strong seas; the left of the hotel, a long and maneuverable wave; and another peak of lefts and rights, with very constant waves. However, Berria offers us more and less crowded peaks, which vary according to the situation of the sandy bottoms. If we love this beach for something, it is because the tides do not affect the waves, therefore you can surf every day, whatever the conditions. Fact: it is the setting for the SuperLiga Siroko, the most important national surfing circuit. If you are lucky, take advantage and come to the event of the year! (usually falls in the first week of June)


El Sardinero is much more than a beach. To speak of El Sardinero is to speak of a historical and prestigious tradition, with figures such as King Alfonso XII. But let's not beat around the bush, why is it a paradise for every surfer? This sandy area is located just 10 minutes from Santander and is characterized by offering fast waves, tubes and that work with all types of winds. Its 2 km of sand are ideal for any level of surfing and it has many different breaks, perfect for every fan: the left of La Concha, the right of Azucarillo, the middle peak, Piquio, the Cormorant, the Wall and the Molinucos. . It is a quiet beach, although every summer an army of surfers from other nationalities travel here in search of the perfect wave. It needs some sea to function well, so the best season to enjoy a bath is in winter.

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If you have never dared to try surfing before, Somo beach is the best option to delve into this world. Somo can boast not only of being the mecca of surfing, but also one of the pioneer towns in Spain where the surfer culture was born. The beach reaches more than 4 km in length, adding 7 km when joining Loredo. Imagine the number of peaks that can be along 4 km of sand. The first of them is sheltered in the prop area, a gift for those days with a lot of sea; another in the boat area, in front of the town; as well as the number of spikes to the left and right that occur in the area of ​​the old campsite. Despite there being many, the one most chosen by riders is the one that occurs right on the curve that joins Somo with Laredo. Because? Being oriented to the open sea, it receives the biggest and strongest waves. If what you want is to learn, choose one of the peaks that are more sheltered. Any day of the year you will have very good waves, as well as some magazine sunsets.

surf <tc>the indian face</tc> spots Cantabria


As soon as you step foot in Suances you breathe that surfer vibe, so rooted in Cantabria. In Suances there is an unbeatable offer of spots, but one of the most envied by the surfing community is Los Locos beach. It is a European Nature Reserve for surfing and is highly recognized. These are the three peaks you can't miss:


If we look to the far right of the beach, we find the area of ​​El Huerto. It is a peak of constant waves, both to the right and to the left. A more than comfortable wave, not round but very long. Due to its characteristics, it is the ideal wave to practice maneuvers and improve technique.


At the other end of El Huerto, on the left side of the beach, we have Sopico, one of the most mythical peaks of the arenal, given its hollow and powerful waves. If you dare with tubes, you have a dream tube left hand wave, considered one of the best tubes on the Cantabrian coast.

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Right in the center of the beach we have “La Playa”, despite the redundancy. It is the scenario that we recommend for those beginners with little experience, since its breaker is of a not very demanding difficulty. Perhaps that is why it is the area of ​​so many surfcamps and surf schools. If you don't want to complicate yourself with many places, go to “La Playa”.

surf <tc>the indian face</tc> spots cantabria


Our fifth and last stop on this surfing route ends at Gerra beach, in San Vicente de la Barquera. Located between the beaches of Merón and Oyambre, it is a virgin beach, surrounded by a landscape of meadows and pastures, which will make you feel like you are in a movie. Its size is not very large, about 900 meters, which makes it a quiet spot, not very windy and not very crowded. It works well with all tides and the best waves are with a south and southeast wind. Gerra has that "I don't know what" that when you meet her you fall in love. Undoubtedly, one of the most exquisite beaches in the community and one of the most visited by surf lovers.

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These are just 5 beaches that we would recommend for your surf trip to Cantabria. Now that you know the Cantabrian spots well, what are you waiting for to get to know them for real? We know you will go, and you will repeat. They say that you always return to the places where you were happy, Cantabria awaits you and we have the perfect trucker cap for your trip: the Born to surf cap. Infallible!



The variety of spots that Cantabria offers us is infinite. No matter what area of ​​Cantabria you are in, you will have luxury options. Our ranking of favorite beaches for surfing are Berria, El Sardinero, Somo, Los Locos and Gerra.


That will depend a lot on what you're looking for. If you want a more professional surf, with demanding waves, we recommend you come in the winter season. If, on the other hand, you want to come to Cantabria to try surfing for the first time, we encourage you to get to know it in the summer months, since both the sea and the weather conditions are milder.


If you are in Santander and you are looking for a spot to surf that is close to you and has good waves, here is the answer: El Sardinero. Just 9 minutes away by car, you have good waves every day of the year.


That beach that never fails, that you go when you go will give you incredible waves is the beach of Los Locos in Suances. At the peak of Sopico, you have a magic pipe wave to surf.


Most of the beaches in Cantabria offer waves of all kinds, depending on whether you choose a more sheltered peak or go to the downtown area, where the waves are stronger. A beach that we love to recommend for those who are just starting out is Los Locos beach, specifically the “La Playa” peak.


In San Vicente de la Barquera, one of our favorite beaches is the beach of Gerra, an emblem in the surf scene. It is a 900-meter beach, with an idyllic landscape and paradisiacal waves.

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