¡Las mejores olas de Lucía Martiño!


The best waves of Lucía Martiño!

Lucía Martiño, one of our new ambassadors at The Indian Face, has become a professional surfer with a strong presence on social networks, especially on Instagram with 94K followers. An adventure enthusiast who involves her audience by sharing her travel experiences and moments that mark her life. We talk about destinations, sensations, recommendations on places, meals and of course advice and inspiration for many who seek to become like her one day.

Lucía Martiño was born in Gijón, province of Asturias. Since she was very little she has felt connected to the ocean and since then she has not detached herself from the incredible sensation that it gives her. The Asturian started surfing when she was 11 years old and since then she has evolved in such a way that she has managed to get a large number of awards and achievements.

She stands out as Spanish Surfing Champion in 2010, 2013 (runner-up) and 2014; third place in Billabong Sopelana ProJunior in 2011; first place in Airwalk Lacanau ProJunior in 2012 (France); and third place in Franito ProJunior in 2014. Without forgetting that it is No. 45 in the women's World Surf League.

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Lucía Martiño's favorite waves

The surfer has in mind the Portuguese coast, a true paradise for lovers of waves.

Portugal's coastline stretches 943 kilometers, offering a wide variety of incredible surf spots for both experts and beginners. In the case of Lucía, she has traveled almost all of it and has surfed on most of its beaches.

Ericeira, 35 kilometers from Lisbon, specifically recommends visiting this true paradise for wave lovers.

It is a charming town due to its atmosphere, people, beaches, good food and a pleasant climate. If you are a true lover of surfing, this should be your next destination: Beaches with a sand bottom and waves with a rock bottom.

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How to get to Ericeira?

From Spain, getting to Ericeira is very simple. Everything will depend on the type of adventure you want to experience on the way to your destination.

You can choose to go by air to Lisbon, or by renting a car at the airport and you drive around 40 minutes to reach Ericeira, or you can simply go directly by car from Spain.

The best time to visit Ericeira for surfing and good weather is between September and December. The water temperature does not vary much between winter and summer. In summer it is possible to surf with a 3/2 mm neoprene suit and in winter with a 4/3 mm.

Ericeira's beaches have crystal clear water, cozy and clean, with good facilities in each of them. There are also beach bars to enjoy a good beer after the waves and eat wonderfully.

Some beach recommendations for surfing are also:

  • Sao Juliao: 15 minutes from the center of Ericeira. It is a large sandy area where you can find waves of all levels.
  • Foz do Lizandro: It is a beach with a sandy bottom. It is more recommended for beginners since there is not much risk.
  • Ribeira D'Ilhas: It is Lucía's favorite wave. It is a point break (wave with a rock bottom) in which a long right comes out, for more advanced levels. A world-class wave, where you must be careful when entering and exiting, since depending on the tide you may have more difficulty with the rocky bottom.
  • Sao Lourenco: It is a point break that offers multiple peaks, it needs a good part of waves for there to be waves.

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Taghazout: Morocco's 'Gold Coast'

It is a small fishing village located on the Moroccan Atlantic coast, about 20 kilometers north of the city of Agadir. The purbelo has evolved thanks to surfer tourism in recent years. The culture, the climate, the prices and the atmosphere make it the perfect destination to escape the European winter.

How to get to Taghazout?

There are no direct flights to Agadir from Spain. The cheapest option is usually to fly with Ryanair, if you live in the north of Spain, where there is a direct Santander-Marrakech flight. However, there are other options available with other companies from Madrid.

Once in Marrakech, it is about a 3-hour drive to Agadir (Taghazout). Remember that if you travel with your surfboard, a 5-door car is better.

An important fact is that in Taghazout it is essential to have a car, because you cannot walk.

There are many options available when surfing, and within a very short distance of each other:

  • Boilers: This is the pointbreak that usually offers the most waves. It is a very exposed spot that works at all tides. There is also Killer Point, Panoramas, Mystery or the Source.
  • Taghazout: For surfing around the town is Anchor Point, one of the most popular rights in the area.
  • Tamri: Beachbreak with good waves. It is located 25 minutes north of Taghazout.

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In addition, the coast of Marrakech offers incredible gastronomy, shopping and restaurant options, to make your visit complete. Ending the day on the beach and surfing, watching the sunset by the sea, is a moment of peace and disconnection that is worth living.

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