Convertidores de YouTube Mp3


Discover the best YouTube to Mp3 converters

If you are an unconditional fan of taking your headphones everywhere and believing that you are recording a video clip in the middle of Gran Vía street, this is your post! We show you the best programs and applications with which to download the most top music of this summer directly from YouTube, and best of all, for free!

Music has been part of our lives since we can remember. He accompanies us in the happiest moments, but also in the saddest. With it we experience emotions of all kinds: happiness, joy, the desire to dance!... Music offers us the possibility of remembering moments, people and places just by listening to the first notes of a song. I bet that surely you have lived many memorable experiences and all of them remind you of a song. Without going any further, there are songs that are true hymns and no matter how many years go by we cannot stop listening to them.

If there is a star platform where you can find the best songs, covers, instrumentals, karaokes and multiple music formats with the best quality, that is YouTube; the audiovisual cradle of the industry. In addition to containing endless videos of everything you can imagine, it also hosts the channels of the great musical artists in history. In them you can find all their discography and albums to enjoy a marathon of your favorite singers.

Now, how to convert YouTube songs and videos to Mp3 so that I can carry them on my device? Well, it's very simple! We bring you 5 free programs with which you can have your favorite videos and songs on your mobile, computer or tablet in a matter of seconds. Keep reading and find out!


The YouMp3 - Convertidor de Video

TheYouMp3 is an online service where you can convert songs and videos to Mp3, Mp4 and WEBM directly from YouTube in one simple step. All you have to do is:

  • Enter the URL of the song or video you want to convert from YouTube on TheYouMp3 online server, and that's it! Easy, fast, safe and effective.

In addition, you will not have to make any type of registration on the website, so your data will be safe at all times. The server is compatible with all browsers and software, so you can start using it without excuses, it's one of our favorite options!


Clickmp3 - Convertidor video

If you are looking for a quality service, and above all, without having to swallow thousands of ads to convert your music and videos to the format you want, this is your program! Clickmp3 is a Spanish online system through which you can convert any type of audiovisual content to Mp3 or Mp4 with a single click.

  • Paste the URL of the desired video in the corresponding box that you will find on their website and you will have all your favorite music to enjoy your vacation on the beach.

In addition, it is a free program that works quickly and provides you with security, since you can use it from any device, browser or software without having to cover any registration.

What differentiates this tool from the previous one is its speed and quality. Its system maintains the encoding of the file you want to convert, with which you will obtain the desired song or video identical to those on YouTube.


Go Mp3 Convertidor de Video

Another online alternative with which you can get your favorite songs, video clips and tutorials in the most instantaneous way. Go-Mp3 is also a free server that works exactly the same as the previous ones.

  • Copy the link directly from YouTube and paste it on your website.
  • Press the “convert” button and you will have all your audiovisual content directly on your computer, TV or mobile.
  • You will not need to register in any registry and you will be able to obtain unlimited all the songs and videos you want in a safe, practical and efficient way. Any browser and software is compatible with Go-Mp3.



OnlineVideoConverter is one of the pioneering online music conversion programs, and also one of the best-functioning. It is free and adapts to any type of software and device you use.

  • You must copy the link of the song or video you want and paste it into the box available on the OnlineVideoConverter website.
  • The server gives you the possibility to choose the format in which you want your file to be downloaded: Mp3 or Mp4.
  • Then, press the "convert" button and you can now enjoy your audiovisual content in the best quality.

This server allows you to convert as many songs and videos as you want without limits or additional costs.


FLVTO - Convertidor de Video

Last but not least, we introduce you to FLVTO: a program that allows you to convert videos and songs not only from YouTube, but also from other audiovisual browsers such as Vimeo, Dailymotion or Facebook. It is the perfect option to obtain documentaries, talks and songs from platforms with a lot of audiovisual content. In addition, it is free and you do not need to register to start using it.

  • Enter the URL of the content you want to convert to Mp3 or Mp4.
  • Wait a few seconds, and you will have your file available to download to your computer, tablet, TV or mobile.

If, on the contrary, what you are looking for is to send the file through your email, FLVTO allows you to do so without any inconvenience.

  • Enter the email to which you want to transfer the information and that's it! It is a fast and safe option that you can install on Windows, Linux or Mac.

In addition, this server offers you the possibility to convert your music and videos in the fastest way that exists:

  • Insert “fl” after the three "www" in the URL of the program from which you want to obtain audiovisual content and the download will take place immediately without questions or waiting. In the blink of an eye you will have your favorite music and videos on your device.

Now that you know several programs with which to download your favorite music and videos, this holiday season you have no excuse to go well loaded with audiovisual content! And besides, it is an easy way to entertain yourself on the longer trips you take during the summer. There will be no room for boredom in endless flights!


  1. Are YouTube to Mp3 Converters Safe?

As we have already seen, most of the above programs do not require any type of registration or registration to start using them. In this way, your data will be safe and all you will need is a web browser and a URL that you want to convert to Mp3 or Mp4.

  1. What is the difference between Mp3 and Mp4?

The Mp3 format allows you to store any type of audio, song or podcast without an image. On the contrary, the Mp4 format is the one you should use if you want to convert videos or documentaries with images and audio.

  1. Can I convert audiovisual content from YouTube or other servers from my mobile?

Yes, copy the URL you want to convert to Mp3 or Mp4 to your mobile's clipboard. Next, open your preferred browser and search for any of the above online servers; paste the link and you will get your download in a matter of seconds.