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July is already knocking on the door, and we ask you... what are your summer plans? Still don't know where you're going to spend the next few months? Close your eyes for a moment and imagine yourself in a deserted cove, the sea water is touching your feet, your skin feels dry from the saltpeter and while the sun's rays caress you, you are surrounded by turquoise waters, fine golden sand and In the distance you see a small sailboat... What do you think? If there is a place that always leads our top holiday destinations, it is undoubtedly the Mediterranean. We would need a lifetime to visit each of its islands. We can't go to all of them, but we already know what our first stop will be this July: Mallorca, our favorite island.

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Paradise beaches, dream gastronomy, unforgettable sunsets... Mallorca has everything to be the ideal destination for any bon vivant, the hideaway for all lovers of a life Quiet close to the sea. And it is that, how well it is lived in Mallorca. If you are going to spend your holidays on this wonderful island, we want you to do it in the best way. A basic that cannot be missing in any summer wardrobe is a T-shirt, the star garment of the summer, all-terrain and timeless. Therefore, we are going to show you the 3 different models of t-shirt that you should include in your summer suitcase for 3 plans that you will not want lose.


If you think of Mallorca and the summer, does any color come to mind? Mallorca reminds us of the sea, of the turquoise color of its beaches, and that is why it evokes the color blue. In our collection of the indian face t-shirts we have designed t-shirts of all colors, but today we reserve exclusively for the blue t-shirt, the color of our place of the soul, the sea . The blue t-shirt is a must on your summer days: perfect for going to the beach, walking through the heart of Palma or enjoying watching a sunset with friends. You choose the plan, we choose the shirt for you. These are the 3 models of blue t-shirt that will win you over, are you ready?


In the indian face we were born to be free, we are adventurers, we like to feel the adrenaline and we enjoy facing new challenges. The no is never in our plans. Our free spirit community knows this and is an expert in getting the most out of life. We have been inspired by each of them to design our most iconic t-shirt: the BORN TO BE FREE t-shirt. In this case, the ideal blue t-shirt is the light blue t-shirt.

basic blue t-shirt <tc>the indian face</tc> basic blue t-shirt <tc>the indian face</tc>

And where to wear your favorite blue t-shirt on the island? Very easy. If you come to the island you cannot miss trying windsurfing or kitesurfing. The best beaches for windsurfing are in the north and northeast of the island. Take your blue t-shirt BORN TO BE FREE out of the closet, with a board and a sail and discover beaches like Cala Ratjada, Cala Mesquida or Cala Millar. You will enjoy an incredible swim in the windsurfer paradise of the island.

<tc>the indian face</tc> Mallorca blue shirt


We all have a place in our soul, what is yours? For us, a place of the soul is that place where we can enjoy what we like the most and feel at peace. If we think of a corner of Mallorca with a special charm that manages to make us disconnect, it is undoubtedly one of its coves. Spending the whole afternoon in a cove with friends or a good book is a great plan. We reveal a secret to you. The cove that yes or yes has to be on your Majorcan route: the cove of Portals Vells or Cala del Mago. Located to the southwest of the island, it is a magical cove, with a cave that hides an altar. Its crystalline waters, its golden sand and the light breeze will make you forget about everything and reset.

<tc>the indian face</tc> Mallorca blue shirt

A t-shirt? It seems pretty obvious. The soul model of blue t-shirt is the t-shirt you need for this getaway. In light blue color and with the circular logo in orange, this blue shirt seems to have been designed exclusively for this cove.

basic blue t-shirt <tc>the indian face</tc> man <tc>the indian face</tc> basic blue t-shirt


Our third blue t-shirt that we plan to put in our suitcase for the island is the blue t-shirt in the attitude model. A completely timeless and versatile T-shirt model, perfect to wear any day of the week. The layout is a light blue short-sleeved t-shirt , with a small logo on the front and a large logo on the back, both in orange. It is the most urban blue shirt, ideal for any plan that arises in the city.

basic blue t-shirt for men <tc>the indian face</tc> basic blue t-shirt for men

We propose a plan in which your blue aptitude t-shirt will be your great ally. When you travel, do you like to try the typical products of each gastronomy? The gastronomy of Mallorca is a real pleasure for the palate. Something you have to do is visit a traditional market and soak up new flavors. Right on the seafront is Mercat 1930, a gastronomic market where you can taste the island's specialties: cheeses, ensaimadas, sobrassada, seafood... With a hipster and avant-garde touch, it is a mandatory stop for holidaymakers more foodies.

<tc>the indian face</tc> Mallorca blue shirt


Our three models of blue t-shirts are made with materials of the highest quality, to offer you the product you deserve. We have opted for cotton (100%) to make your blue t-shirt soft to the touch; breathable, perfect for enduring the heat; hypoallergenic, and durable. We want you to be able to put on your favorite blue t-shirt every summer and continue to be like the first day.

basic blue t-shirt <tc>the indian face</tc> basic blue t-shirt <tc>the indian face</tc>

These are the three blue t-shirts that yes or yes you have to include in your travel bag. We have no doubt that they will be a success, nor do we doubt that you will fall in love with the charms of Mallorca. Secret coves, good food, sensations, calm, beauty... take advantage of this summer and live a happy summer on the island. We warn you, you will never want to get out of it.

<tc>the indian face</tc> Mallorca blue shirt