Las gafas homenaje a los exploradores que cambiaron la historia: Frontier


The glasses tribute to the explorers who changed history: Frontier

Why the name Frontier?

Crossing borders, exploring unknown terrain, fighting against unpredictable and constantly changing nature, living, on the edge and without fear, or exceeding it, is the task of explorers, mountaineers, the ambitious and dreamers.

In this post we want to tell you the story behind one of our favorite glasses: Frontier sunglasses. Its shape, its colors and its size have not been chosen by chance, and neither has its name; Frontier, or border translated into Spanish, is precisely that for us, the separation between two paths, two places, the dividing line that separates two countries, which has precisely been born to be invisible, intangible. The word border has been for many a motivation to cross it, to break it, to find out what is hidden behind it.

Our collection of glasses is a tribute to all those spirits that plucked up their courage one day to cross these priceless lines and discover, unite and transform peoples.

How do we get inspired?

We have researched, spoken to and studied many men and women who continue to motivate us to travel and to communicate a message that we identify with day after day: Feel the very experience of life, to the fullest.

Today there are no blank spaces in the world and we have within our reach almost any corner of the world map. Technology and digitization allow us to observe even the smallest detail of the planet at any time we please without having to leave home. But the adventure is something that is carried inside, you can always rediscover places, look with eyes at different spaces that we already thought we knew and keep alive the concern of those who opened the doors of the world for us.

The lives of these explorers inspire us and we will always remember them.

Let's travel to the past…

Runion with a new world

Cristóbal Colón

    The voyages of Christopher Columbus to America revolutionized the conception of the world up to now, and changed it completely from then on. Columbus made four expeditions to this unknown continent at the time, although his main idea, as is well known, was to reach the Far East by taking a different route than the ones proposed at that time. His theory stated that the eastern end was closer than the demographers of the time claimed. Indeed, Columbus was wrong, but his mistake gave him the greatest achievement of his life: America.

    Ddiscovery of a passageway

      One of the most important icons of navigation was Ferdinand Magellan, a Portuguese explorer who discovered the “Strait of Todos Santos”, now known as the Strait of Magellan, and served as as a gateway between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and which resulted in being able to go around America.

      Fernando de Magallanes

      Another of the achievements that he was about to achieve was to be the first man to go around the world, but he lost his life in the attempt when he was involved in a conflict with an enemy people. Instead, it was Juan Sebastián El Cano who completed this feat. This man was born in Guetaria, in Spain and died, as proof of a lifetime dedicated to exploration and adventure, far from home: In the Pacific Ocean.

      Vtraveler, spy and writer

        The book “Voyages of Ali Bey” recounts the adventures of Domingo Francisco Jorge Badía and Leblich, the author of the novel. His life was clearly worth telling; traveler, spy, soldier and Arabist are the trades to which this Catalan explorer who also responded under the name of Ali Bey dedicated himself. Among his adventures, the tour he took through the Arab world in which he visited regions such as Morocco, Syria, Egypt or Libya, among others, stands out. He was the first man from the West to set foot on these lands that for many were far away and even non-existent.

        Ali Bey

        Awhere the Nile is born

          John Speke, and Richard Francis Burton are known as the most famous couple in the world of exploration. Francis Burton was a renowned anthropologist and linguist who was fluent in a large number of languages ​​and was the official translator of The Thousand and One Nights. Speke, for his part, was a soldier and after having explored the corners of the Himalayas, he joined Burton in his idea of ​​traveling through Africa. Both were also officers in the British Army Scout Team.

          In 1856 they set out on a journey to discover the sources of the Nile. The result was disastrous. Both contracted diseases and became enemies forever. Speke believed he had discovered the sources of the Nile, when in fact it was Lake Victoria, and he traveled back to England to present his discoveries. Before leaving Africa, he promised his partner in adventures and life that, despite their confrontations, he would wait for him to return to England as well, to tell the world what they had achieved. But the reality was very different; The moment he set foot in London, he went straight to the Royal Geographical Society and put his hypothesis before the president. He called himself the discoverer of the sources of the Nile and continued to live as an expedition leader for several more years.

          Speke & Burtoni

          Maybe Speke didn't act quite right, but in life he wins the fastest. Suppose that during the return trip Speke asked himself these two questions: Would Burton do the same for me? What will my recognition be if I share a discovery that I have actually made on my own? And then he decided.

          We are pretty sure that, if they existed at that time, America, Lake Victoria and the region of arabia would have been discovered with Frontier glasses on the eyes of explorers.

          In The Indian Face we don't leave the past behind, but rather we combine the legacy of those who have come before us with our references of today to create designs that truly communicate who we are and who we would have been if given the opportunity.

          Let's review the now…

          The heart of Africa torn in conflicts

          Ryszard Kapuscinski

          Writer, journalist and traveler, Ryszard Kapuscinski was a 20th century adventurer who was a correspondent in Africa during the communist era. He lived to recount nearly 30 coups that occurred during African decolonization. Living the experience with one eye on the events that he would have to report later, and with another on protecting his life from the continuous armed conflicts, he suffered from malaria and tuberculosis, but managed to carry out his mission as a journalist and returned home with a book "Ebony" under his arm, which led him to be a candidate for the Nobel Prize in Literature.

          It is never too late to travel
          Isabella Bird

            Isabella Bird is listed as one of the most famous travelers of the 19th century. He spent the second half of his life traveling, exploring, writing and photographing everything he saw. She was the first female member of the Royal Geographical Society. His first trip was made at the age of 40 and the last at 72, and during that time he had the opportunity to visit America, India, Malaysia, Japan, Tibet, Iran...

            There are no more land limits that cannot be crossed…

              Sir Edmund Hillary mountaineer and philanthropist was, along with fellow sherpa Tenzing Norgay, the first man to conquer the top of the planet: Everest. Although his best known milestone, logically, is this, he carried out incredible expeditions, such as the one that led him to reach the two poles of the Earth.

              Edmund Hillary

              … The following are in the space

                Yuri Gagarin, could not be missing, he was the first space explorer. This Russian astronaut was launched into space on a not too elaborate rocket. He was able to observe the shape, the color and see himself more than 300 kilometers from Earth.

                Yuri Gagarin

                Frontier is exploration and quality

                In addition to having a design that combines retro and vintage aesthetics, bringing together the past and the present and offered in various shades and colours, Frontier glasses have a lens polarized that very effectively rejects the rays, reflections and glare of the sun and offers a clearer and more comfortable vision of the environment. The windows are also equipped with TAC FULL HD technology that offers high-definition visibility.

                We hope that this article has infected you with what we feel when we see and think about all the spirits that live looking for new adventures, and that, moreover, find them. Our Frontier sunglasses are our material expression of the gratitude we feel towards them, and you can join us with this project so that this tribute never ends.

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