La historia de las gorras de Béisbol ha causado el nacimiento de las gorras Born to...


The history of baseball caps has caused the birth of Born to...

“If only we could see the endless chain of consequences that result from our smallest actions…” This phrase is one of the most accurate we have heard in a long time. If something is not born, created or thought about, it will not generate movement or influence anyone, right?

The origin of baseball caps, also called "trucker" in the 19th century, has meant that, today, we can offer our own designs.

Next, we will tell you how the revolutionary phenomenon began that has generated that today we have a great mechanism of expression and communication with the world: Caps.


The history of baseball caps, like so many other revolutionary phenomena in the world, originated in the United States. Such is the influence that this supplement has had on the country that it could even be said that it is one of the national icons of American culture.

The structure that covers the head area is made of a soft and light material, and the brim of the current baseball cap is hard and can be resized and adjusted to the contour thanks to a plastic strip that is found in the back.

The models prior to baseball caps take influence from the typical hats of the last decades of the 19th century, and which were illustrated in famous books such as Sherlock Holmes. They were also inspired by horsemen's hats, militia hats known as pillbox, felt hats, and boaters.

If we go back to the first manufacture of the first run of baseball caps, we see that they were made of wool and had a leather patch on the front. Its design and production was aimed exclusively at the use of the players of the professional baseball teams of the last half of the 19th century.

Around the year 1800 the first baseball teams were born in the United States, and in 1876 the National League was created to regularize the sport. In the regulations on the clothing that the players should, or should not, take to the playing field, there was no mention of the use of a standardized cap, so each team had complete freedom to use the hat that best suited their needs and the one that best protects them from the sun. In general, players tended to opt for straw hats or pillbox-style hats.

Many of them preferred straw hats style boater or style. Such is the variety of hats, caps, and caps that players began to wear, that they have been collected in Spalding's The Official Guide to Baseball from 1888.

How could it be otherwise, elite athletes also had a great influence at that time, so the followers of this sport also wanted to equip themselves with this new accessory to feel that they belonged a little more to the world of their idols. Once the 20th century entered, this accessory began to be seen, in addition to on the pitch, in the closets of "worldly" people.

As the years have passed, trends have changed and society's influence and interest in fashion have increased, caps and their use have also evolved and have reached numerous sectors within the market. Today we wear the baseball cap as a symbol of support for a certain team, as a way to communicate a thought or a message, as a stylistic resource or even as a political statement; Let us remember the red caps worn by truck drivers that had the phrase “Make America Great Again” inscribed on the front, which former US President Donald Trump used as the slogan of one of his political campaigns.

Born to run - <tc>The Indian Face</tc>

The cap that we now call the “baseball cap” began to take shape at the beginning of the 20th century. The mythical holes were added to the contour of the head, logos and seams on the visors began to become popular, and as the century progressed, the patches became larger and more visible, the structure of the cap more rigid and, little by little, the cap that we currently see everywhere became standardized.

Since the 50s, the structure of the baseball cap has not undergone many changes, but it has been used in countless scenarios and situations. In addition to the use of caps as fans' support for their favorite baseball teams, agricultural companies that also saw an opportunity for self-promotion in this accessory began to equip their freight truck drivers with caps that were inscribed on their part. front the company logo. This is the reason why baseball caps are also called trucker caps.

On the other hand, the cap has also been used as an icon of equality between men and women, since it is a complement that has no gender; We have seen female references like Lady Di to men like Tom Cruise include a baseball cap in their outfit, who also helped to consolidate the cap in the world of high-standard fashion.

Once fully installed in the daily life of society, they began to play with the placement of the cap on the head. Depending on the identification of each one with a certain social group, the cap would be placed forwards, backwards, to the side...

Born to Street Ball - <tc>The Indian Face</tc>

Today, the baseball cap or trucker cap represents musicians, celebrities, the working class and the political class. And, of course, from the humblest to the most well-known brands, they produce their own models and shapes, and continue to extend the legacy that was created, by chance, almost two centuries ago.


As we mentioned before, trucker or baseball caps have an infinite variety of uses. At The Indian Face we have always been very passionate about this plugin, and we believe that it is an ideal vehicle to communicate with a world that still does not know us. The way we dress and how we present ourselves in our day to day life in front of the crowd is the only way others have to try to identify who we are, so fashion is an important and determining factor that we must pay attention to.

We wanted to create an accessory that would help those who share our values ​​and our way of understanding life, so, after a season of trial and error, we decided to launch our Born to (something) cap collection

Let us tell you why some of them:

  • Cap Born to be free:
<tc>Born to be free</tc> - <tc>The Indian Face</tc>

    At The Indian Face we consider ourselves ambitious, restless, hard-working and optimistic people. But, in addition, we like to escape, from time to time, from the routine, the obligations and the density of the city. We need to feel free and it is there, where you have to look for sound in an environment where silence reigns, you find the shade under the trees, and you hear music in the song of the birds, where we are fully ourselves, where our essence is releases and where we find the real meaning of our existence.

    The caps Born to be free are a hymn to life and to the days in which we feel infinite. Traveling, playing sports, being with friends in a natural environment, refined and in which you can see the sky covered with stars at night are the vehicles that have led us to create them.

    • Born to Surf Cap:
    Born to surf - <tc>The Indian Face</tc>

      Surfing is one of the engines of our day to day. Waking up at the same time as the sun, taking our board and going out barefoot into the street looking for the salt water like crazy is a routine that we dream of when we are far from it, and that we live fully aware of and grateful for every minute when we can do it. .

      Surfing is one of the activities that most coexists with nature. We work our body, our mind and we receive gratefully what the force of the wind, the tides and the seasonal moment in which we find ourselves offer us.

      If there is a sport that represents the spirit of The Indian Face, that is surfing.

      • Born to Run Cap:
      Born to run- <tc>The Indian Face</tc>

        Someone once said that running is for cowards. But what if you run in the direction of fear? To overcome it, defeat it, to ally with it.

        In The Indian Face we are very running. We run to celebrate a victory, to forget a defeat, we run when it rains, when there are no clouds in the sky, we run just because, because with each stride our problems weigh less, our mind is freed and begins to flow with good energy and thoughts positives.

        Our Born To Run caps are designed for all those who were born running and for those who, little by little, have joined this sport that, in addition to being enriching, is addictive.

        We hope you found this article useful and that you learned something new about baseball caps. In addition, we encourage you to go to our website and take a look at our caps. And you, what were you born for?