Expedición del equipo The Indian Face a Laponia: una experiencia como sacada de película


Team The Indian Face's expedition to Lapland: an experience straight out of a movie

Lapland is a magical region located in the far north of Europe, known for its stunning natural beauty, unique culture and connection to nature. Often associated with the image of snowy landscapes, dancing northern lights and the home of Santa Claus, Lapland encompasses parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.

One of its highlights is its winter landscape that lasts more than half of the year, attracting travelers, like us, in search of snow activities such as skiing, snowshoeing, sledding...

In addition, the Lapland region offers the opportunity to explore the Koli National Park, a dream destination for lovers of the outdoors and adventure.

And, knowing all this, we couldn't miss this paradise in Europe, so we grabbed our best equipment and set off on what would become an unforgettable trip.

Koli National Park: a magical and unforgettable landscape

Koli National Park, located in the Lapland region of Finland, is a place where nature displays its beauty in all seasons of the year. However, it is in winter when this destination transforms into a fairy tale landscape, covered by a blanket of snow that seems straight out of a postcard. Recently, we were lucky enough to embark on a trip to this region, where each day was a unique and unforgettable adventure.

Our trip began with excitement palpable in the air as we headed towards Koli National Park. As we approached, the trees became whiter and whiter, their branches laden with freshly fallen snow. The scenery became more and more impressive with every bend in the road, and when we finally reached the park, we gasped at the majesty of the snow-capped hills rising in front of us.

Snow activities in Lapland: a timeless Christmas movie

One of the most impressive activities we did was snowshoeing. With these tools, we ventured down trails that otherwise would have been inaccessible due to the depth of the snow. Snowshoes are simple but effective tools that distribute your weight over a wider surface, allowing you to walk through deep snow without sinking, and are the key to enjoying winter adventures in snowy terrain. As we made our way through the snow-covered trees, we marveled at the stillness of the landscape and the feeling of being immersed in a completely new and untouched world.

Raquetas de nieve en Laponia

Another unforgettable highlight of our trip was the opportunity to experience a dog sleigh ride. This ancient means of transportation, which has been used for centuries by the indigenous peoples of the north, allows you to move through the snowy landscapes in a silent and environmentally friendly way, while enjoying the companionship of the animals and the excitement of the speed. You will be greeted by a pack of enthusiastic and energetic dogs, eager to get going and take you through the snowy forests and open fields. The dogs, which are specially trained for this task, are incredibly strong, agile and resilient, making them ideal companions for exploring the winter terrain. Once you're on the sled, you'll feel the thrill of speed as the dogs race through the snow, guided by the musher, the sled driver. The cool wind caresses your face as you gently glide along the steep trails and winding paths, surrounded by the majesty of the snowy Koli landscapes.

Deportes de nieve en Laponia

Another of the best experiences we had was taking snowmobiles in the Koli National Park. With its vast snow-covered forests, rolling hills and frozen lakes, Koli National Park offers the perfect setting for an exciting snowmobiling adventure. The experience of riding a snowmobile is exciting and full of adrenaline. You will feel the power of the engine as you traverse virgin snow, gliding smoothly over snowy terrain and overcoming small hills and natural obstacles. The roar of the engine mixes with the magical silence of the winter landscape, creating a unique feeling of freedom and adventure. During the snowmobile safari, you will also have the opportunity to stop at strategic points to enjoy stunning panoramic views and take memorable photographs.

Of course, we couldn't have visited Lapland without having the opportunity to witness the Northern Lights. On a clear, cold night, we ventured outside our shelter and stared in wonder at the sky as the lights danced in shades of green and violet above our heads. It was a truly magical sight, and we were grateful to have had the opportunity to witness it in person.

Auroras Boreales en Laponia

Visit the nearby villages: getting to know the local culture of Lapland

In addition to outdoor activities, we also had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the local culture. We visited nearby villages where we were able to meet local people, learn about their traditions and try delicious traditional dishes such as smoked salmon and reindeer soup.

Although Koli is primarily known for its stunning natural beauty, the nearby villages offer a more complete insight into life in this part of Lapland and provide unique opportunities to interact with the local community.

One of the closest towns we visited is Nurmes, a charming Finnish municipality located a short distance from the national park. In Nurmes, we were able to explore its rich history and culture through attractions such as the Wood Museum, which offers a fascinating insight into the importance of the wood industry in the region. Additionally, Nurmes is known for its winter festival, which celebrates local traditions such as reindeer sleigh races and log-cutting competitions.

Another nearby town that is worth visiting, although we did not have time, is Lieksa, located near the Koli National Park. Lieksa is known for its beautiful natural environment, including Patvinsuo Canyon and Lake Pielinen. If you have the opportunity to visit, you can't miss exploring the history of the region at the Lieksa Forest Museum, which features exhibits on rural life and the forestry industry of Lapland.

Pueblo en Laponia

The essentials that we took with us on our visit to the snow

When visiting Koli National Park, especially in winter, it is important to be prepared with the right equipment to ensure a safe and satisfying experience. Here is a list of the material that we took with us to be able to enjoy 100% of the winter nature in Koli:

  • Appropriate clothing for winter weather: This includes thick coats, waterproof pants, gloves, hat and scarf. It is essential to dress in layers to be able to adjust your body temperature according to weather conditions. In our case we took the hats The Indian Face, which are made with an inner lining to give you additional warmth, becoming our ideal ally on the coldest days.
  • Waterproof winter boots: Proper footwear is essential for walking on snow and ice safely and comfortably. For destinations with such deep snow, we have always worn fairly high boots, so we could walk on the surface and prevent snow from getting into our shoes.
  • Snowshoes: For the same reason, if you plan to go on extensive hikes or explore trails covered in very deep snow, snowshoes will provide additional traction and make getting around easier.
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses: Even in winter, sunlight can be intense and reflect off the snow, especially in destinations with so much snowy surface, where the landscape becomes a dazzling setting due to its brightness and intensity. So be sure to protect your skin and eyes at all times. Our favorite sunglasses for these excursions are the sports glasses from The Indian Face, as comfortable and useful as they are stylish.
  • Camera or mobile phone with the ability to take photos: A must-have to capture the incredible landscapes and memorable moments of your visit to Koli National Park. Trust us, you won't regret carrying the camera.
  • Backpack: A sturdy, comfortable backpack will allow you to carry your essential belongings, a flashlight, map and compass, as well as extra layers of clothing in case you get cold. Also, bring enough water and energy-dense foods to stay hydrated and fed throughout your visit to the park. We carry the new The Indian Face backpacks, very functional and spacious, but always maintaining comfort to be able to carry them on long journeys.
  • Map or GPS: Although exploring is exciting, it is important not to get lost, so carry a detailed map of the area or use a GPS device to guide you at all times.
  • Additional safety equipment: This may include an emergency whistle, a first aid kit, a charged mobile phone and a portable charger. You never know when you might need it, so it's important to carry a first aid kit with basic supplies in case of an emergency.

Gafas y gorros de nieve The Indian Face

Adventure to discover Lapland and its incredible landscapes

From snowy landscapes that take your breath away to exciting outdoor activities that awaken your adventurous spirit, every moment in this magical land is an opportunity to connect with nature, culture and the wonder of winter in its own form. purer. Whether exploring the local villages, gliding down the trails on snowshoes, or letting yourself be carried away by the thrill of a snowmobile safari, a visit to Lapland and Koli is a journey that transports you to a world of beauty, serenity and wonder. It is an invitation to discover the magic of winter in its maximum splendor and to create memories that will last forever.


Where is Lapland located?

Lapland is a region located in the far north of Europe, encompassing parts of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.

What is the best time to see the Northern Lights in Lapland?

The best time to see the northern lights in Lapland is during the winter months, especially between September and March, when the nights are longer and darker.

What is the typical food of Lapland?

Some of the typical Lapland foods include dishes such as smoked salmon, roast reindeer, gingerbread and forest berry pies.

Is Lapland a good destination for families with children? Yes, Lapland is an ideal destination for families with children, offering a variety of activities suitable for all ages, such as visits to Santa Claus Village, sleigh rides and reindeer excursions.

Are there accommodation options in igloos or traditional cabins in Lapland?

Yes, in Lapland you can find unique accommodation options, such as glass igloos to see the northern lights, traditional log cabins and ice hotels.

Can you ski in Lapland? Yes, Lapland offers excellent opportunities for skiing, both downhill and cross-country, with well-maintained slopes and spectacular scenery.