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technology occupies an increasingly important place in our lives, and is currently present in everyone's daily lives. It has revolutionized our way of understanding the world and, therefore, of behaving. From sending a WhatsApp, to making purchases online, posting on social networks... and of course it has greatly influenced the practice of sports. Everything that technology touches makes it more fun. And with sport it was not going to be any different. Technology has managed to develop and provide us with the necessary tools to take care of ourselves in a more attractive way, and to practice sports, obtaining a more complete experience.

Technology fitness is something very innovative and attractive. There are thousands of technological devices used when doing sports, adapted to absolutely all sports and their particularities. The most used by athletes are usually devices wearables. These devices monitor and track physical activity data, such as total kilometers walked or run, calorie consumption, heart rate, hours of sleep... Although there have been apps that offer this information for years, there are countless products on the market, from pedometers to heart rate monitors, smart watches, smart scales... This 2022 we will see new features in these devices, and we are looking forward to seeing what Fitbit surprises us with, among others, one of the companies top sellers of these devices. There are many products, and in this article we will show you the latest technology so that they can help you in the exciting process of improving yourself day by day.

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They are the gadgets that are most used when doing sports, and 2022 comes loaded with updates within these devices. If you play sports regularly, you should get a sports watch or smartwatch.It is the best option if you want to obtain the metrics in a more detailed and precise way. Depending on the sport you practice, you will find models more adapted to your preferences, although there are also multi-sport models. This option is ideal if you like to combine different modalities.

The most complete option today is the Apple Watch Series 7, the latest edition of the Apple watch. Not only does it measure your physical training, it also includes GPS, accelerometer, compass and even a barometric altimeter for those crazy people on the mountain. In addition, it has a tool that is not seen very often and is key. It's about fall detection. If you fall while wearing Apple Watch, it will tap your wrist and sound an alarm, giving you the option to contact emergencies or ignore it if it isn't necessary.

The activity wristband is the perfect alternative if the smartwatch is not comfortable for you. In addition, they are cheaper than watches. They measure our physical activity, calculate our calorie expenditure and some even measure blood oxygen and have GPS. We are very fans of the Xiaomi Mi Band 6, a simple and very complete model.

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If you are one of those who want to exercise but cannot find motivation, you do not like to follow routines and it is difficult for you to play sports for more than two days in a row, we present a very attractive way for you: virtual reality games.

There are a thousand options, and with all of them you will be exercising in a very fun and different way. If, for example, you would like to climb but you don't feel comfortable at heights, The Climb is a fantastic alternative. You just need a virtual reality viewer and the desire to have fun. You will be able to climb all the mountains you want, holding on to the mountain... you will experience it in a super realistic way, and all from your living room, noticing the fatigue in your arms as you play. You will also find options for a variety of other sports such as boxing in the game Creed: rise to glory.

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But if we thought that technology had already reached the boom, we were very wrong. Technology never stops advancing and two virtual reality devices that represent almost a revolution stand out on the market: the so-called Mirror and the Tonal.


If when you train you like to have a mirror in which to see your movements, this is your product. Bought by the company Lulemon, a sports equipment company, it is an interactive device that simulates a 1.32 x 56 cm vertical mirror. It simply leans against a wall, the screen turns on, and offers endless workouts. It has trainers who teach you in detail and whom you must follow. Its price is around 1,300 euros and it offers a monthly subscription of 35 euros.

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If what you are looking for is to set up your own gym at home, but you do not have the space you would like, this will interest you. This touch screen with a minimalist design offers a very complete service. It begins by performing a strength test, from there, it offers you exercises adapted to you. You can do exercises with the whole body. Something very interesting is that it has some digital weights that by means of an electromagnetic motor generate voltage, as if you were training with real weights. It costs about 2700 euros and also has a 40 month subscription. Its price is high, since it offers services like no other in the market.

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For those who are fans of outdoor sports, there are several very attractive options on the market. You just have to download an app, put on your favorite sports clothes and go out and clear your head. These are the best apps for outdoor sports which, although they are not new, their updates do not stop improving and accompany thousands and thousands of athletes every day. Take note:


Without a doubt one of the reference apps for those who love running or sports in general. You will be able to use maps, see statistics, you will have a live coach based on your objectives... in addition to of course obtaining data on the exercise performed, such as distance covered, calories and much more.


If you are passionate about the world of running and you prefer Nike, this is your app. Here you have from coaches who train you to companions with whom you can go running. It doesn't matter if it's your first time running or if you're going to run a marathon, this app is perfect for any level. It contains challenges to defy, monitoring of your sessions and health advice. It is a somewhat more complete app than Adidas's, but its differences are minimal. It's a matter of taste!

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It will sound more familiar to you if we tell you that it belongs to Under Armour, one of the main sports clothing and accessories sales companies worldwide. It is an ideal option for outdoor sports, especially for those who are crazy about cycling. It includes, among others, GPS and shows you already marked routes so that you can take them, or you can create them yourself and publish them for other riders like you. And that really is creating community!


Now, in recent years, the way of exercising has taken a turn. Since the pandemic arrived, nothing has been the same again, and not in sport either. The pandemic forced us to stay at home and we have had to transfer many of the activities we did away from home to our home. Faced with this new and sudden situation, all the athletes were forced to do what they liked best in their own homes or in isolated spaces. This new trend was a boom for those companies that offer online training services. But also, in the post-pandemic era, it has revived the desire to go abroad and be able to enjoy sport in a more free way and in a natural environment. As a consequence, the market has been affected. The ranking of fitness trends for 2022 is led by wearables, followed by training at home and outdoor activities. The conclusion? Playing sports is in fashion, and the place really doesn't matter: now there are more formats and options than ever.

And since we have already told you about the facilities that technology gives us to do sports outdoors, we are going to show you the two sports trends that are currently sweeping the home training market.

  • Meditation and relaxation training

The mental health of the population has been tremendously affected since what happened in 2020. Many people have begun to feel anxiety, stress... This has resulted in an increase in meditation services and attention to our body. And mental health leads to physical health! More than three million people use meditation apps every day, and many sports apps already include these services. Something that is totally new and that we are looking forward to discovering is a novelty that Apple is going to launch. The American brand is strongly committed to mental health, integrating into Apple Health systems that help us detect disorders such as anxiety or depression, among others. And even more, it aims to help us detect symptoms of diseases such as Alzheimer's.

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  • Smart jump ropes

A great option to do cardio at home when you can't go outside. We all know the benefits of the rope (it improves breathing, it helps to lose weight, it improves resistance…) and we know that it works the whole body. Our favorite is the rope Tangram Factory Smart Rope PURE. It has a mobile app in which all your training data is recorded and its battery lasts a month and a half.

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Everything indicates that technology will continue hand in hand with sport. It is a union that will continue to evolve and each time will bring more and more novelties that will present us with new ways of doing sports in a fun way.



The most complete option for doing sports is a smartwatch, or smart watch. However, if you are just starting out and you are not looking for such a professional experience or need so much data, a good alternative is the activity bracelet. It will provide you with all the data you need, it is lighter to carry and cheaper.


There are many options with which you will have fun doing sports. From virtual reality devices to smart jump ropes, apps that will help you...


For us, the most complete is the Apple Watch Series 7. Its minimalist design and the wide variety of services it offers make it the best current option. Another smartwatch we love is the Amazfit Bip U Series. In addition to its attractive price, it is only close to 40 euros, it is super light and it is even capable of measuring the level of oxygen in the blood.


To play sports you only need a minimum of space and some shoes. With all these new devices it is very easy to train at home.


Undoubtedly, technology has opened many doors to sport. It is a key element in practice. It motivates us, teaches us, monitors our activity, shows us new ways of training.


The top 3 fitness trends can be summarized as: smart devices, online workouts at home and outdoor sports. They are currently the leaders in the sector, although this world changes very quickly and surely new trends will surprise us soon.


Of course, sport influences our mood. When we exercise, we release endorphins and serotonin, the happiness hormones. It helps us to reduce stress, to disconnect. Since the pandemic hit, more and more people suffering from mental health problems are turning to sport as it helps reduce symptoms.


    This is very common, especially in the beginning. Stand up to laziness and find ways that you find entertaining. Choose an outfit you like, download an app, pose small challenges, propose it to a friend.Training together can be a lot of fun!

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