Tipos de tabla de snowboard


Snowboard Types

Have you ever wondered how many types of snowboards there are? If you still don't have it clear, today we review the five great types of board that exist depending on the modality, speed or maneuverability that you want to find on them. Did you know the splitboard? Well, there is a type of board designed for big mountain descents, which is known as blackcountry.

Freestyle board type

They are wide and short boards, very maneuverable to make turns and jumps easily. They are, as a general rule, symmetrical tables to be able to make descents both face and back (fackie). They are characterized by how sensitive they are to the movements of the rider. And very suitable for getting started and learning the first steps in the snow, designed to consolidate your first tricks in snowparks.

Table type freeride

These tables are not symmetrical, but directional. The rear is narrower and shorter than the front; the bindings are located a little further back so that the rider's weight is concentrated in this area and controls this asymmetry well. They are designed to slide in only one direction: forward.
Stiffer and longer than freestyle boards, they are not as maneuverable and therefore not suitable for rookie riders. They are very versatile boards, suitable for all terrains and handle well off-road.

Alpine Snowboards

They are the hardest and most rigid boards on the market. They offer a lot of stability when traveling in a straight line and not so much when cornering. Indicated to reach high speeds, they are very narrow and ideal for experienced riders who demand a good physical tone.

Freecarve type tables

Also hard as alpine boards, although not as hard as these, they also allow you to reach medium or high speeds but offer easier access to curves and quick changes of action than alpine boards.

Tables for splitboard

This modality consists of ascending a mountain with cross-country skis and launching yourself from the top with a snowboard. There are specific splitboard tables for this modality.

Tipos de tabla de snowboard