Tips para superar la cuesta de Enero


Tips to overcome the January slope

At The Indian Face we understand what it costs to return to the body, to return to work after the holidays and to the pocket. During Christmas we have gone through the time of excesses and gifts, so we want to give you a series of tips so that you can overcome the January slope and continue doing what you like best.

Tips to overcome the January slope

1º Take advantage of the offers and packs, for example skiing is one of the most expensive sports, but thanks to websites like you have a lot of options to choose from with very competitive prices. Normally they are usually sold in the form of packs, which include the Fortfait + breakfasts + hotel days.

2º Look for new ways to explore the world, lately there is more and more rental of caravans or even camper vans. These options are much cheaper, you can enjoy the trip and stop to rest whenever you want. In addition, currently some caravans and vans have a lot of extras (showers, bathrooms, television, full kitchen) all depending on your budget.

camper van

3º Take the opportunity to practice cheaper sports, who says that to enjoy you have to spend a large sum. There are a lot of options that you can try, mountaineering, going to natural climbing areas, hiking, slacklining, parkour and skateboarding. If you live in the city, they are good options and if you live on the beach, snorkeling, you just need some diving goggles, or the body board, where you will only have to get a board.

mujer escalada

4º Use applications that allow you to continue making plans but more economically. For example, in Grupon you can get discount vouchers for all tastes, many of them in extreme activities such as paragliding, driving circuits, fortfaits, canoe routes...

grupon aventura

And above all, worry about enjoying as much as possible and getting the most out of it, because money is recovered but time is not.