Todo sobre el campeón del mundo Kelly Slater


All About World Champion Kelly Slater

Kelly Slater is considered the best surfer in the world, winner of the world surfing championship 11 times, the highest record so far. He was born in Florida in 1972 and has been the youngest to win a world surfing championship at 20 years old and also the oldest at 39. Which shows us that he has not stopped working all this time and that he is in perfect physical condition. His colleagues say that since he was young he has been a born and tireless competitor.

Before he won his first world championship at the age of 20, he had already won 6 Eastern Surfing Association titles and 4 national titles. During his professional career he has alternated periods of free surfing with competition ones. He is undoubtedly the hero of surfers because in addition to making it clear with his titles he has created new maneuvers and has taught the world new waves.

Some of his favorite spots are Soup Bowls in Barbados, Taghazout in Morocco, Minis in Ireland, Jeffreys Bay in South Africa, Kirra in Australia, Pipeline in Hawaii and Mondos in California.

Kelly Slater

Not only has surfing made Kelly Slater famous, his media appearances have also made him popular with non-surfers. Slater appeared in the series Baywatch and has also had sentimental relationships with popular characters such as Pamela Anderson, Gisele Büdchen or Cameron Díaz.

Below we list all his achievements at his professional level:

  • he is the surfer with the most victories in the history of the ASP World Tour Surfing Championship
  • he is the youngest surfer to win a world surfing championship at the age of 20
  • he is the oldest surfer to win a world surfing championship at 39 years old
  • The surfer who has achieved the most prestigious pipeline masters with 6 times
  • he is the surfer who has won in all the permanent locations through which the World Championship Tour passes
  • The only surfer in the world to have won the Waimea Eddie Aikau
  • he is the surfer who has won the greatest number of consecutive world championships from 1994 to 1998 with 5 in total
  • Declared the most dominant surfer of the s. XX and s. XXI
  • he is the first surfer to accumulate more than $3,000,000 in prize money

In addition, Kelly Slater has managed to change the ASP scoring and competition system giving more importance and value to aerial maneuvers.