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The experience of traveling alone. Connect with your inner self!

Spring is just around the corner and with it the time to start thinking about what plans we are going to organize in summer. Although everything has changed a bit (quite a bit) since 2020, life has gone on, we have time, and if we set our mind to it, we can even take a trip to the center of the Earth. There are countless places waiting to be discovered, we can continue to discover the world and travel with COVID-19 safety. We live in a digital world, where photographic trips, social networks, and immediacy are the order of the day.

You could start on the longest journey of your life and end up turning it into a journey to the center of the Earth, that those who were not with you would virtually enjoy your experience. So, if you are thinking of embarking on an adventure this summer, and you are still not sure what to do, we offer you below several alternatives in cheap travel plans, possible end-of-year trips, ideas for backpackers around the world who want to get out of your comfort zone, and getaways that can help you if you are looking to travel alone and need a little time for yourself.

viajar solo

Have you ever wondered what it's like to travel alone? For example, in "Eat Pray Love" Julia Roberts begins her solo adventure when she finds herself lost in a life to which she feels she no longer belongs. Her marriage is not working, she can't find happiness in her routine and she feels drowned in a big city. From one day to the next, he makes the decision to go on his own to Italy, India and, finally, Indonesia. Through this year of being a nomad, she finds herself and discovers what really matters.

For its part, in the book "Journey to the Center of the Earth" by Jules Verne, a mineralogy professor, his nephew and a guide named Hans, embark on a Journey to the Center of the Earth. What begins as an almost lonely journey without too many expectations, which is born as a result of deciphering the content of an ancient parchment, ends up becoming the greatest adventure that these three characters could ever have imagined.

Traveling alone, or with the right company, can become the most enriching and unforgettable experience of our lives. It makes us more independent, free people and helps us mature and grow in many ways. Sometimes we need to escape from certain things, like routine and the daily hustle and bustle, and find ourselves with who we really are, to understand that living can become a great adventure if we learn to feel alive.


  • Independence: As we mentioned, traveling alone will give you independence. You do not need anyone to accompany you on that trip you dream of so much. If you have a backpacker soul and your potential companion does not have the same desires as you, why are you going to stay at home waiting for someone to dare to go with you? Become the owner of your experience!
  • Economy: If you decide to travel alone, you will surely make cheap trips. Or at least, much cheaper than when you travel with family or friends. You organize yourself the itinerary that you really want to do, you will make your meals where you most want and where you can really afford it and, in addition, you will control your economy without thinking about that of others.
  • Meeting new people: Traveling alone will always allow you to interact with strangers. If at any time during your trip you feel a little lonely, or you feel like talking with a backpacker or local from the area where you are, you can do so to exchange information and anecdotes, without the obligation to stay with him or her for the rest of your trip. journey.
  • Contact with new cultures: You can get to know in depth the culture of the country or city to which you have traveled alone, but not only the tourist part, but also the most real and autochthonous part. If you are tired of photographic trips, where the objective is summed up in visiting monuments, museums or emblematic squares and posing in front of them, and instead you prefer to immerse yourself in the true culture of the place where you are, traveling alone will surely give you the courage to go where few mass tourists have gone, and thus live a more authentic experience.

Always remember that before immersing yourself in your adventure, it is important that you reflect on what kind of trip you want to do; If you are or want to be a traveling backpacker and visit many places in the world, or if you prefer to dedicate yourself to getting to know the same place in depth for a few weeks and not change your destination. Also, always keep in mind if you want to take a photographic trip through spots with incredible views, if you prefer adventure and sport, if you intend to go on a cultural trip or if, on the contrary, you consider yourself a traveler foodie and you intend to make a gastronomic visit wherever you go.

viajar solo ideas


Whatever your profile and your intentions when traveling, we just leave you with some travel ideas that you can do according to what you most want:

Train trips

Traveling by train can be one of the greatest tourist pleasures a traveler can experience. Just imagine all the advantages of traveling by train. sitting on the window side, while reading, listening to music, or simply thinking about all those things that you never think about when you are surrounded by people, while you look up and observe the landscape from afar, giving it space and allowing yourself to enjoy it , or simply closing your eyes and resting to the sound of the rattling of the wheels on the rails.

We know that planning a trip abroad by train, such as the famous Interrail, designed for traveling backpackers, can be somewhat complicated and flimsy in the future, however, we offer you some routes that you can take without leaving Spain, that you may not know yet:

  • Transcantábrico: It is probably the Spanish tourist train par excellence. Tour the "Green Spain", that is, the north of the country. You will be able to soak up its lush and versatile landscapes aboard a train that preserves the romanticism of the great expresses of the early 20th century, but with today's comforts. If you have a backpacker soul, you don't get away from your camera because you like to document every second and, in addition, you like good gastronomy, this option is great for you. You will turn this into your ideal photographic trip, and you will be able to enjoy the traditional food of the Basque Country, Galicia, and Castilla y León.
  • Al Andalus: If you choose to get on this train, you will make an itinerary through Andalusia for 7 days, starting in Seville. You can enjoy the capital of Andalusia, the Cathedral, the Real Alcázar and the Archivo de Indias declared World Heritage Sites, you can also enjoy the typical food of this community and get to know cities like Cádiz, Ronda, Córdoba, Úbeda or Baeza in depth and monuments like the Alhambra. If you already know Andalusia, there are also routes to Lisbon and Porto, with a stop in Mérida, the old "Emérita Augusta" with one of the most important and extensive archaeological sites in Spain, also declared a World Heritage Site.
  • Train del Pilgrim: If you want to do the famous Camino de Santiago route, but you don't exactly consider yourself a backpacker, you can board the pilgrim train, which will travel for you the sections of the road while you enjoy its views.

viajar solo viajes en tren

Sports Trips

If you prefer to stay in Spain and go on a sports or adventure trip, one of these two options will surely suit you very well:

  • Fuerteventura: You should never go to this island alone, but rather accompanied by a good surfboard and complete hiking equipment. This island of volcanic origin is a mecca for many surfers, the temperatures are pleasant all year round and the wind creates incredible waves.
  • Pyrenees: The Gruppit group organizes getaways to the Pyrenees for people who want to do high mountain sports for 4 days. This team offers everything from snowshoe routes to hiking or guided tours for solo travelers.

Agencies like “1 life 2 travel” are dedicated to organizing this type of trips, making it possible for travelers to get to know other countries and cultures in a very different way, offering an experience as a traveler. Another agency dedicated to adventure travel is “3000KM. The trip is adapted to the group, unlike the usual agencies, in which the group adapts to a scheduled trip. In this way it is possible to vary the pace of the trip to the needs of the traveler and enjoy an authentic trip.

International Travel

Although we do not always have the willingness to leave our countries and travel the world, there will be times when we will be able to travel more easily and comfortably. For those moments, we can already opt for trips to Amsterdam, for example, which, although it may be obvious and a typical end-of-year destination, this is a perfect place for traveling backpackers who like green spaces, riding a bicycle and carrying a quiet life. Amsterdam breathes calm, sunny days are perfect for sitting on the canals or in one of the many parks in the area and enjoying the music, the people and the feeling of good vibes that the city exudes. And why not, since we are dreaming of traveling alone abroad, think about going to Krabi, Thailand, one of the most recommended destinations for any solo traveler. It has paradisiacal beaches, transparent waters, good weather... You can embark on sailing trips, by boat and you will also get away from the bustle of the city. Without a doubt, you will live in slow motion and you will have the opportunity to reconnect with your inner "I".

viajas solo internacionalmente


Organizing your solo trip can involve a little more preparation than if you go with more people. You plan the dates, the place of destination, the accommodation and the routes. However, there are numerous offers from agencies that are dedicated to organizing trips for people who go alone. We recommend that you take a look at agencies such as “”, “Yporquenosolo” or similar agencies that are dedicated to organizing cheap trips of all kinds for people who travel alone and want to do it safely, or even meet new people along the way. Something positive about this type of agencies is that they have the corresponding measures to travel with COVID-19 safety, updated and available. If you are going to travel on your own, we recommend that you take these information points into account:

  • Use common sense: Find out in advance about the place you are going to travel to. Try to establish a mental map of the structure of the city you are going to travel to, as well as the most dangerous places in the place you are going to visit.
  • Don't trust it: It's important to take care of your belongings if you're staying in a shared room and you don't know anyone. Always carry a padlock or access code in your suitcase and try not to get lost.
  • Be careful : Make a duplicate of your personal documentation (passport, ID…) and send it to your email.
  • Travel light: Try to take just enough with you so that you do not carry excess weight during your travels and leave room for some souvenirs. And, if you still don't want to carry your things during your routes or daily excursions, find out about the companies that are responsible for moving your belongings from one accommodation to another.
  • Stay reachable: Inform family or friends about the approximate route of your trip, how long it will last and in what areas you will be, so they can locate you if you need it.

libros para viajar solo


If you are thinking of forms of entertainment to take with you when you travel alone, surely these interesting books could be to your liking:

  • Into the Wild (Jon Krakauer): In 1992, twenty-four-year-old Chris McCandless went deep into Alaska, alone. He had given away all his money and abandoned his car, and he dreamed of a life in the wild. Four months later, some hunters found his lifeless body. His story was the focus of controversy; to some, he was an intrepid idealist; for others, a madman and a naive without the slightest knowledge of nature. Before he disappeared, Chris McCandless wrote to a friend: “Don't put down roots, don't settle down. Change places often, lead a nomadic life... You don't need to have someone with you to bring a new light into your life. It's just out there.”
  • Journey to the Center of the Earth (Jules Verne): Professor Lidenbrock deciphers an old parchment giving meaning to the incomprehensible signs contained in it. The decryption of that text will inevitably drag the professor, his nephew Axel and the hunter Hans Bjelke to the center of the Earth, populated by prehistoric animals, storms and other risks.
  • In Full Sun (Patricia Highsmith): Tom Ripley is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating characters in the history of detective fiction. Intelligent, cultured, and amoral, he uses lies, theft, and occasionally murder to achieve his goals. In this novel we see how the character builds a fictitious life by impersonating Dickie Greenleaf, a rich and womanizing man whom he murders.
  • The sense of traveling: Anecdotes with a backpack on your shoulder to awaken your adventurous "I" (Lonely Planet): This book aims to give you the confidence and security you need to encourage you to buy a one-way ticket . Written by travel experts, this book will give you guidelines to lose your fear of traveling alone.
  • Secrets and tricks of the experts -Travel and Adventure- (Lonely Planet): This is a guide full of illustrations, where you can find tricks to find cheap, safe and comfortable trips.

Have you been more encouraged to say “yes” to that solo trip that you have wanted to take so much, at least once in your life? It seems like a plan to us! In fact, from an interview with a female traveler who travels the world alone, called "Master Wanderlust" we highlight this answer to the question: What would you say to those people who do not dare to travel alone? - "They do. And if they are afraid, let them do it with fear. Let them dare That the world is too big and beautiful to see it from the sofa. Let them live”.

viajar solo

So, if you are tired of crowded trips, you need to escape from the stress of the city and you want to get away from the typical trips full of people, from posturing in networks, we recommend that you rescue your backpacker soul and encourage yourself to do a travel alone. Make the decision, take the necessary precautions, and immerse yourself in adventure, close to home or across the world, and discover remote and unparalleled destinations, even if some of the best are hidden deep within you. Go for it... and let nothing stop you!