Viaje a Brisbane en Australia


Travel to Brisbane in Australia

An Australian adventure that you cannot miss!

If you have not yet visited the capital of the state of Queensland in Australia, it is a good time to add it to your list of upcoming trips.

Located on the northeast coast, 920 kilometers from Sydney, we find Brisbane, the third largest city in Australia, a beautiful place full of history, fun and adventure, ideal to visit with your partner, friends or family. Nothing has to envy the most "classic" cities of this great country and surely with this post you will be completely convinced of it.

Brisbane is in fact one of Australia's most popular cultural and tourist hubs. The millions of tourists who visit every year are amazed by the river also called “Brisbane” that runs through the city to the base of Mount Coot-Tha, and then are even more amazed by the view when they climb it to the top.

You will see that it is a city full of interesting amenities, and that it will be impossible for you to run out of something to do, among its museums, nearby beaches, gardens, buildings, and markets. In addition, its more than 300 days of sunshine and good weather will excellently satisfy your summer needs at any time of the year.

Viaje a Brisbane en Australia


Brisbane is fairly laid back, but also unmistakably cosmopolitan, full of memorable activities to enjoy. This city perfectly combines adventure, fun and relaxation. Here are some of the best places to visit when traveling to this wonderful city:


You find it on the south bank of the Brisbane River. It has an area of ​​17 hectares of parks, cafes, bars and restaurants that you cannot miss. It is also a perfect space for events and outdoor activities. In addition, it has pedestrian walkways that border the banks of the river, where you can also take bike rides. It is really one of the most visited and characteristic neighborhoods (which are also called suburbs). It has an artificial beach that you cannot miss for the world! They have really turned it into a paradise in the middle of the city, where sunbathing, walking, playing, going with children, playing sports, and having a drink or something to eat will have another meaning.

The Brisbane Letters: The photograph you can't stop capturing!

Visiting Brisbane will leave an indelible impression on you, but there's nothing like taking a photographic proof to share with your friends and family. And what better to do than in the giant letters of Brisbane?

Also in the suburb of South Bank you will find the iconic giant and very colorful letters that read the name of the city, ideal for taking that souvenir photo to print and hang on the fridge at home. You find them just before reaching the Wheel of Brisbane (Wheel of Brisbane) which we will talk about later.

Viaje a Brisbane en Australia


It was originally created to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the state of Queensland. It is impossible not to see this attraction in the city that also attracts both the attention of locals and tourists. The Brisbane Wheel definitely adds a magical touch to the city.

To get up close and personal with the Wheel of Brisbane is to enjoy panoramic views of the city, where you can enjoy the radiant sun during the day or the twinkling lights of the city at night, and even enjoy a romantic sunset sun from its height. A ticket to the wheel, which is perhaps not the cheapest, includes 3 laps in a booth with speakers that explain a brief historical summary of the city's suburbs along the way, which is not bad for learning a little more about every detail of the neighborhoods in Brisbane.

The Wheel of Brisbane rises to about 60 meters high, with a comfortable and safe journey with air conditioning and a capacity for up to 8 people who will undoubtedly be delighted. So if you want to enjoy the best views we recommend you go up to the Brisbane Ferris wheel and live this 360° experience!


The Brisbane River also offers an exciting and educational cruise experience where you'll learn city facts, facts and more. The vessel, which looks more like a ferry, takes advantage of the fact that the river flows through Brisban and gives its passengers a guided tour that you can't miss. You will be able to see some of the most emblematic places such as the Kangaroo Point Cliffs, or the Story Bridge. You can choose between enjoying this experience in the morning or in the afternoon without problem, depending on what best suits your schedule.


The Brisbane Botanic Gardens is one of the most incredible national parks to visit in the entire area, bordering part of the river's skyline. There you will find thousand-year-old trees and an infinity of flora and fauna typical of the place.

It has huge gardens where visitors can take a break, eat something, have a picnic or take a walk. You can also enjoy areas to practice outdoor sports, and ride a bike. In addition, this area is interconnected through the Goodwill Bridge with the South Bank where you will find more recreational areas, bars and restaurants.

Viaje a Brisbane en Australia


The so-called City is the center of the city, where you can enjoy streets full of life, music and good vibes. The “City is what the neighborhood in the center of Brisbane is called, and it is made up of several pedestrian and main streets that will fascinate you. There you will also find 4 shopping centers ideal for spending the day shopping. You will find the Queens Plaza, the Queen Street Mall, the Wintergarden, and the Brisbane Arcade.


This picturesque place in Brisbane will be amazing to eat or drink something outdoors with excellent atmosphere and service. Yes, you will have to take a ferry just under an hour from the City to get there, but it will be well worth it. Here you will find everything in local and international gastronomy and also many delicious dessert options. Eat Street Northshore is not well known to tourists so don't be surprised if you only run into locals.


This will be an ideal point in the city to observe the best sunsets with skies tinted pink and a sunset that comes from behind the skyscrapers of the city. Right next to the Brisbane River you will find the cliffs of Kangaroo Point, where you can have a nice time relaxing and even pack a snack and have a picnic.


The Story Bridge is one of only 3 bridges that can be climbed in the entire world. From its top, the views of the city (day or night) look spectacular, and will be well worth it. In addition to the city you can see the Glasshouse Mountains to the north, and also the interior of the Gold Coast to the south, which was declared a world heritage site. Would you dare to live this extreme adventure?


Climb Mount Coot-Tha is one of the best organized excursions in the city because it is one of the places that attracts the most attention from tourists and also from locals. There you will find the best views of the entire city without a doubt.

To think that this city is really big, and being able to observe it from the heights in this location has no comparison. It is even a place where you can go hiking on designated routes or ride a bicycle to the top of the mountain if you are a cyclist, since it will take at least two hours to get there. You can also take the bus, or go in your own rented vehicle.

You will be able to access the place day or night with certain conditions and if you stay to see the sunrise you will live an incredible experience that you will not regret.

Viaje a Brisbane en Australia


The large Asian community in Brisbane also has a presence in the city, and in the Buddhist temple Fo Guang Chung Tian you will find a bit of their culture. It has a beautiful museum inside with an exhibition of Chinese crafts and paintings, and also has abundant gardens and courtyards, a lake with ducks, parks, prayer rooms, guided activities to make wishes and so on. The truth is that it will be a memorable place to visit in Brisbane.


It is not a place with much traffic by tourists in general, but it is no less charming for that, I am sure that in fact you will have a great time. The Settlement Cove Lagoon is found north of Brisbane, in Redcliffe, and has a very large tropical pool for family gatherings throughout the day. The place is very pleasant and summery, and it is not very far from the river, in fact, they are connected by a pier about 10 minutes away. It will be an ideal place to spend a different day!


Among the most emblematic places to visit in Brisbane we find Anzac Square. It is a place especially visited by tourists since it was built to pay tribute to the Australian and New Zealand soldiers who participated in the First World War. In its surroundings you will find many green areas with wooden chairs and beach loungers to rest from your tourist activities, as well as restaurants and cafes.


The flowers and vine plants are the true protagonists of this place. You will see passageways built by curved metal structures covered with flora and plants that you will not resist going through. In the surrounding area you will see green areas ideal for picnics and outdoor barbecues, as well as free group recreation activities organized by the city, such as zumba and yoga.

The GoMA

Brisbane's Gallery of Modern Art will satisfy the most art and culture hungry. Every season they renew their different rooms and exhibitions that are normally mostly free. Its top-notch and internationally renowned collections leave a memorable impact on all who visit.


Outdoor activities and food truck fairs await you at Roma Street Parkland located in the interior of the City. Fauna and flora abound in this location bordering a waterfall that impresses its visitors. The whole environment is very serene and relaxing but also full of life and activity. It perfectly combines fun and relaxation!


Abundant Koalas and other native Australian animals can be found in the Lone Pine Sanctuary, where endangered fauna such as dingoes or wombats are protected and cared for to stop their disappearance.

In this place they do an admirable job and are open to the public, especially to inform visitors about the current situation of these animals. In addition, they have a reserve of kangaroos so that visitors can observe them closely and even interact with them.

This is in fact the oldest and largest koala and kangaroo sanctuary in the world. You find it located on the banks of the river in the city.


The New Farm is undoubtedly one of the most authentic spots in the city, a truly Australian place to visit in Brisbane. Its green areas are ideal to spend a relaxed and very quiet time to have a picnic or celebrate special occasions. It really is one of the most beautiful and peaceful parks you can visit when you go to Brisbane.

Viaje a Brisbane en Australia


This suburb in Brisbane is the ideal destination for lovers of the sea, although it is a bit far from the city, approximately 1 hour and a half away from the center.

There you will find a beautiful beach where the protagonists, in addition to its soft sand and crystal clear water, will be the small crabs that deliberately protrude from the sand, going in and out in a very particular and fun way.

You can see this spectacle even from its great pier known as the “Jetty”. However, it is not a conventional beach, some of its sections will make you feel like you are in a swimming pool, so you will not lack relaxation at any time.


If you had not already enjoyed the malls in The City enough, you can visit the Westfield Garden City which is one of the most incredible, luxurious and complete malls in Brisbane, and you will be surprised by much more than what we have mentioned above. It almost looks like another city! The Garden City is really big, and has many stores of all types and styles.

You will also be surprised by its section of cafeterias, bars and restaurants, located along a wide corridor decorated very elegantly that leads you to an outdoor square. This area is very well lit and decorated with lounge chairs and hammocks, to relax in the most incredible and luxurious way possible. And who would have thought that you would find all this in a “simple” shopping center.


There are so many museums to choose from in Brisbane. Without a doubt, the maritime museum will be a great choice to include in your agenda of activities. It is in fact one of the largest maritime museums in the world, with a significant collection of interesting exhibits that you won't want to miss.

With all this repertoire of activities and locations, you will surely not see this city in the same way anymore! Adventure awaits in the most remote places, and although it is by no means a small city, you will have the best time in less conventional and typical places. Don't hesitate to include Brisbane in your next travel plans, and get ready for a fun and different adventure!