Viajar en semana santa gracias a Google Earth


Travel at Easter thanks to Google Earth

Traveling in times of COVID is not an easy task. There are many countries that do not allow foreign tourists to enter, and countries that do not allow their inhabitants to leave, so, although Easter is something like an oasis of freedom in the middle of the year, this year we will enjoy it without leaving Spain. Surely you think the same as us: We want to travel, and we want to travel anyway.

At The Indian Face we believe that you can make the most of your days off, which is why this post offers you numerous destinations to travel at Easter 2021 that you probably didn't know yet, to which you can go from home... do you believe us?

Put these places on a wish list that you will surely be able to cross off very soon. Letting your imagination run wild is only easy for some, for others there is Google Earth, the ideal tool for traveling anywhere in the world, wherever you are.


Google Earth Online is a computer program that allows you to dive into the seas, fly over mountains and explore the least known places on the planet. This tool is gradually becoming an ideal option to discover the world. Plus, Google Earth now offers (virtually) guided tours by NASA, BBC Earth, or National Geographic.

Google Earth Pro is a more versatile and complete option than Google Earth online, since it is designed so that you can use it from your desktop. This version offers the most complete set of geospatial data available, it also includes high-resolution images, 3D routes through cities, spectacular panoramic views from streets, historical images or important points of interest.

A while ago Google revamped the process for downloading Google Earth Pro making it easier. To get this tool, you just have to go to the Google Earth website, and in the upper right corner there is an option to open Earth in Chrome. To install the Pro version, you need to press the Google Earth Pro for desktop button. Both are free.


Julian Rocks (Cape Byron Marine Park)

Located at the easternmost continental point of Australia, an impressive rock formation 2 kilometers from Byron Bay, which has been converted into a reserve, is home to more than 500 species of fish from tropical and temperate waters.

The small group of islands that looms over the water, whose shape can resemble that of a heart, has a fascinating myth behind it. The name that was originally given to these islands is Nguthungulli, which means "Father of the World", who, as creator of land and water, animals and plants, played a leading role in this tale. For Aboriginal Australians, these rocks were created by a jealous husband who threw a spear into the canoe carrying his wife and her lover. The canoe broke and began to sink, leaving only the bow and the bow above the water. These two extremes became what we call Julian Rocks today.

For lovers of diving, this is one of the best places to practice it. Just below the surface, whirlpools are created in which tropical waters and very cold waters coexist, home to more than 500 marine species, including leopard sharks, loggerhead turtles, dolphins and manta rays. In addition, another wonder that can be seen under these waters are the coral reefs.

You can dive into the history of Julian Rocks rocks, species and diving using this link :

viajar en semana santa gracias a Google Earth


Would you like to get into a real Holy Week? There is no place holier than Jerusalem. Although the streets are the same throughout the year, the gaze of the faithful -and tourists- vary at this time of year.

They are filled with solemnity, silence and the sounds that can be heard among the worn stones of the Old City at the height of the most emotional celebration of Christianity.Living the experience of touring the locations where religion is born is something unique.

If you can't go in person, let Google Earth help you walk the streets of the historic center of the city, visit the Wailing Wall and imagine what the Ways of the Cross would be like to commemorate the last hours of Jesus Christ through these scenarios .

A picture is worth a thousand words; use this link:

viajar en semana santa gracias a Google Earth

Desert Breath

We can translate it as Breath or breath of the desert. It is a creation of D.TOSyou Arteam, a team formed by the sculptor Danae Stratou, the industrial designer Alexandra Stratou and the architect Stella Constatinide. The artists took almost two years to finish the work, (1995 - 1997). The work has an area of ​​100.000 square meters.

The purpose of the work was to create the concept of infinity, the positive and negative reliefs with the immensity of the desert that surrounds it in the background; the same one that, with the help of the breezes and the wind, will gradually wear it down and erase it. The passage of time will turn this representation of the infinite into a memory of something that once seemed relentless and eternal. Check it out now while you still can! Use this link:

Viajar en semana santa gracias a Google Earth


These wonderful temples located in the city of Siem Reap, which are part of the heart and pride of Cambodia, were built at the request of King Suryavarman II between the 9th and 13th centuries, in honor of the Hindu god Vishnu, at a time when the one in which Europe saw how the cathedrals of Chartres and Notre Dame rose to the sky.

This area, a combination of spirituality, symbolism and symmetry, is visited above all by backpackers and collectors of world wonders, who cannot miss going to contemplate the light that sneaks between these sacred monuments, dyeing them golden. It is not surprising to know that they are considered one of the 20 most amazing destinations in the world.

Use this link:

viajar en semana santa gracias a Google Earth

Horse sleigh across the Mongolian steppe

A horse-drawn sleigh ride in northern Mongolia, near the border with Siberia, on Lake Khovsgol, the deepest freshwater pool in the Asian country (262 meters) that covers 136 kilometers in length, neither sounds bad right?

This prodigious natural space is spectacular in winter, as its immense surface is covered with a thick layer of ice, creating a background of frozen blue water. The good thing about traveling with Google Earth is that you won't feel the cold going through your bones. The waters of this lake reach temperatures that can reach 40º below zero. This indomitable place, despite the extreme conditions, has been the scene of the ice festival every year, in which Mongolian wrestling and archery tournaments are held. You can observe this wonderful place from the warmth of your home: Use this link:

viajar gracias a google earth

Barringer Crater:

Fancy seeing the result of a meteorite impact on Earth dating back 50,000 years? Forget that traveling in times of COVID is unthinkable and virtually visit this thousand-meter-deep groove located in the city of Flagstaff, in northern Arizona, (United States).

The Canyon Diablo meteorite, which caused this crater, was composed of iron and nickel, weighing 300.000 thousand tons and was traveling at 43.200 kilometers per hour.The rocks that were at the impact site reached temperatures above 3.000 degrees Celsius in just ten billionths of a second.If you want to travel back in time and see with your own eyes the result of this great impact, use this link:

viajar en semana santa gracias a Google Earth

Kigosi Game Reserve, Tanzania

This National Park is located in the northeast interior of Tanzania. The Kigosi Game Reserve is one of the largest game reserves in East Africa as it has both floodplain and wetland ecosystems.

The inaccessibility of this reserve contributed to the concentration of rare waterfowl, in addition, this place is one of the few areas in Tanzania where you can see animals such as the Situtanga, which is a species of antelope adapted for the life in wetlands, or the Waterbuck buffalo. We leave you below the spectacular view of a herd of buffalo running through this wonderful reserve. Use this link:

viajar en semana santa gracias a Google Earth

Machu Picchu

Surely you have heard of this mythical Inca place in Peru. Its name means old mountain and it was built in the mid-15th century. It is believed that it was one of the residences of the ninth Inca of Tahuantinsuyo, Pachacútec, although there are also the remains of a sanctuary. It is located on a rocky premonitory between Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu.It is located on the eastern slope of the Andes, and is part of the upper Amazon basin, which has a highly varied flora and fauna and gives the sanctuary even more visual value.

The sanctuary of Machu Picchu was the most amazing architectural work of the Inca Empire. Its walls, terraces and its gigantic ramps seem to have been carved into the escarpments of the rock, giving the impression of being part of it. travelers come to Aguas Calientes to start the Inca route that Hiram Bingham, a Yale professor, popularized at the beginning of the 20th century.

Use this link and feel how your lungs fill with fresh air from a distance:

viajar gracias a google earth

New York

Now imagine sitting in the front seat of your car, with incredible views of Manhattan at sunset and waiting for a movie to start at the drive-in, or going up to one of the impressive observatories in The Big Apple, looking out the window, contemplate on a warm night the beautiful Skyline of the city and allow your skin and your soul to stand on end.

If you feel like traveling to a big city and you want to daydream, imagine what it is like to walk through the crowded streets of New York, eat a hot dog on a bench in Central Park, and a mythical bagel afterwards, take a taxi just because always is fashionable in the city, or so we think, or identify the famous corners and spots that have characterized legendary movie scenes so many times, open Google Earth, play Frank Sinatra's “New York, New York” on your headphones, have a Cosmopolitan on the sofa paying homage to New Yorkers and uuse this link:

viajar en semana santa gracias a Google Earth


Japan is famous throughout the world for its cherry blossom season. When spring begins, thousands of trees across Japan turn red, pink, and white, brightening the land.

The burst of color between the months of March and April is so captivating, and the natural spectacle that occurs is so abysmal, that the Japanese have given a proper name to the delicacy of the cherry blossoms in Japan: sakura . If you have been wanting to visit another great metropolis, now is the perfect time to start a digital trip to Tokyo and observe how the cherry blossoms in this place; Use this link:

viajar gracias a google earth

Travelling, seeing the world and learning from other cultures is, and always will be, regardless of the conditions in which we do so, an enriching experience for the mind and spirit. Traveling with Google Earth is like reading through images.

You learn, imagine and get excited about landscapes and all those places you don't know. Discovering that the world is not so within reach of our hands and that there are a thousand hidden corners that we will probably never get to know, is sometimes impressive. But there is no limit for those who intend to set foot in all the places on Earth, even if now they have to wait a bit.