We Ride: el documental de la historia del Snowboard


We Ride: The Snowboarding History Documentary

As a lover of adrenaline and snowboarding that you are, today we bring you a documentary that you cannot stop watching... It is about We Ride: the documentary on the history of Snowboarding. From Burn and produced by Grain Media, We Ride is a gripping documentary about the history of snowboarding. A true must and an essential jewel for fans of this sport.

In something more than an hour and a half of documentary, We Ride divides the sport of snowboarding and snow into three parts: the birth of snowboarding, consolidation and, finally, hypotheses about the future evolution of snowboarding. sport. Very rich in interviews and statements by stars and protagonists of each of the eras that snowboarding has experienced, the documentary delves into the pioneers of snow, the great rivalries that have existed, their rapid evolution and analysis of the multi-billion dollar industry it has become.

Watch out for the spat between Craig Kelly and Shaun Palmer…. very interesting and exciting! We hope you like it and that you leave a comment sharing with us your impressions about this magnificent documentary. We leave you with We Ride: the documentary on the history of Snowboarding.