Wet Madrid: La futura playa para los amantes del Surf en la capital


Wet Madrid: The future beach for surf lovers in the capital

The development of a pioneering project in Spain has been announced, which will open its doors in the summer of 2016. It is the future beach in Madrid for surf lovers.

Wet Madrid, which is how the project has been baptized, was born with a clear objective: to offer the citizens of Madrid the first real beach in the capital of Spain. A very special beach, as they will have unbeatable facilities and equipment designed for surf lovers. In addition, the lagoon of more than 48,000 square meters of water will produce perfect waves of up to two meters high. Around Wet Madrid, this space will have all the services of a classic beach: beach bars and restaurants based on healthy, light and fresh food, all the essences and qualities that for a moment will allow surfers who visit Wet Madrid to escape to Hawaii, in a place located just a few minutes from the center of Madrid.

We are talking about a complex of 100,000 square meters (the lagoon is equivalent to about seven soccer fields), where you can enjoy, in addition to the beach area, a total of 25,000 square meters of gardens, parks and green areas and another 10,000 square meters of facilities designed to promote sport-intensive healthy leisure and, specifically, to promulgate the values ​​of Surfing. In addition, Wet Madrid will also have spaces for events, a skatepark for skating, an area for running or jogging and a good list of leisure opportunities and alternatives that, until now, did not exist in the capital of Spain.