¿Qué es el polarizado?


What is polarized?

Despite the growth in popularity of polarized glasses, many people are currently unaware of the meaning of this word.

Sunglasses The Indian Face are made with UV400 Protection polarized lenses. That is why we have created a post for you to discover why polarized lenses are the best option to protect your eyes.

What is tinting?

The first thing you have to know is that anyone can wear polarized lenses, and not only in glasses they can be applied to any type of glass. But it does not come fixed in all sunglasses, only in those in which it is indicated

Now, how tinting works, light reaches our eyes from many directions, and when it reflects off flat surfaces it becomes a very annoying element.

Filtro polarizado

The polarized filter is responsible for blocking some of the most harmful and uncomfortable angles for our eyes, causing the light that passes to be directed vertically, which makes them perfect for driving because it will prevent us from being dazzled by horizontal rays and eye fatigue. Polarization is created by adding multiple polarizing layers to our lenses, these layers are responsible for blocking certain angles of light.

filtro polarizado

It also works great with the sea and that makes them ideal companions for practicing water sports, mountains, snow or cycling, because it improves the perception and sharpness of colors, in addition, they are places where reflections and we must be careful with glare.

Other uses that tinted glass can have would be:

  • In microscopes.
  • In the innovations of liquid crystal displays.
  • In 3D glasses.

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