Porque debes unirte a la moda de las gafas redondas


Why you should join the fashion of round glasses

One of the most symbolic and famous accessories, sunglasses are an accessory that will never go out of style. And that is why the designs are adapting and changing over time. But as everyone knows, everything comes back, and round-shaped glasses are no exception.

That is why today, at The Indian Face, we bring you the reasons you need to convince yourself and join this trend.

Because you should join the trend of round glasses

  • 1º Because they are an icon, since John Lennon they have managed to stand out among many other frames due to their very original shape. And there are many celebrities who still wear them today because of all the personality they bring to the look.

John lennon

  • 2nd Because they favor most faces, especially angular faces such as squares or triangular ones because they soften the features thanks to their curved shapes. But the Urban Spirit model from The Indian Face, as it has larger lenses, also favors those larger and rounder faces, highlighting more angular shapes. gafas de sol redondas
  • 3º Because it is a timeless design that adapts, currently they have been renewed with the use of polarized lenses and materials that reduce their weight without affecting their resistance, so now they are more unalterable than ever
gafas de sol redondas

  • 4º Because there are a large number of models with a wide variety of shades in the lenses, one of the most flattering and least valued elements of sunglasses are the colors that the lenses can have. And there are shades that can favor you more depending on your skin or hair tone. All those who have fair skin will look better with colder tones such as blue or green, and darker tones such as red or orange will favor darker tones.
gafas de sol redondas