El Windsurf: un deporte para todos


Windsurfing: a sport for everyone

Water sports are undoubtedly some of the sports that receive the most attention and appeal; however, it seems that those that are practiced in the sea, such as surfing or especially windsurfing, have an added element: fear. It is very common to hear how many Windsurfing admirers feel a great weakness for it, but do not dare to practice it for fear of not doing it well, that it is very dangerous or that they will not be able to learn it. For these reasons, if you feel identified with this description or are just starting out in this sport, keep reading and discover what are the 10 things you should know about windsurfing.

Before refuting the most widespread myths about windsurfing, we must say that although this sport is practiced in the water, and it is very common to see many practicing it during the summer months, it is not an exclusive sport for this season, In fact, practicing it in winter has many advantages, and it is that in addition to the fact that the beaches are emptier, the wind and waves, essential elements for windsurfing, are much stronger at this time, softening as the hot season approaches. .

This sport has won many detractors, since despite being one of the water sports par excellence in our country, some federative movements have started campaigns against it; even so, the windsurf can boast of being so often that already has more than 30 years in the Olympic Games. And it is that for many, although surfing is exciting, controlling the board according to the direction and power of the wind, as well as the movements with the windsurfing sail are even more exciting.

Although it may seem otherwise, windsurfing is a very noble sport that allows entry to anyone who wishes to practice it; Here's why:

1. Windsurfing is not an exclusive summer sport

As we mentioned before, windsurfing can be practiced throughout the year. Despite the fact that summer is the time when this sport attracts more followers, it is not an exclusive sport of this season. If you want to learn this sport, it is possible that the hot months will serve you better to delve into the world of windsurfing, however, do not stop practicing it during the colder months, since the wind and wave conditions have many more advantages. Also, wetsuits will protect you from low temperatures, and if you don't have one, you can always rent one!

2. Windsurfing is ageless

Windsurfing is a sport whose practice is usually attributed to young people, especially due to the pirouettes and acrobatics seen in competitions, especially freestyle ones. But the reality is that windsurfing has no age, anyone can practice it, and although there are many people who practice it at a very high level that requires some demands, windsurfing is not an extreme sport, so the ease or Difficulty is added by you according to your interests.

Once you have learned this sport that allows you to navigate the sea without any complication beyond a sail and a board, you will be able to practice it throughout your life. The speed and adrenaline you want to feel will only depend on what you open or close your wing. Really a very simple mechanism.

10 Cosas sobre el windsurf

3. Learning to windsurf under the guidance of a professional is essential

Although in the previous section we have said that the difficulty is added by you, it is true that windsurfing is a sport that requires a lot of technique to be able to control the board, the sail and the wind conditions at the same time. For this reason, if you are just starting out, you may receive a lot of information that is difficult to process, so it is better for the instructor to explain it to you so that you understand it more quickly and without exposing yourself to any unnecessary danger.

4. Windsurfing is not difficult to learn

Although there are many people who think that this sport is difficult to learn and therefore do not even try, the truth is that the great technological advances of the equipment that have been achieved in recent years have greatly facilitated the sport learning. We are not saying that learning to windsurf is like 'sewing and singing', since like everything else, it requires technique and, above all, patience, but we do want to highlight that the lightness of the board and the sail make it possible to learn faster than some years ago.

Especially at the beginning, it requires devoting certain efforts, since, unlike surfing, until you fully grasp the technique, you will not be able to pick up speed and navigate minimally. If you are a beginner, we recommend going out to sea first thing in the morning with the calmest waves and the least possible wind. As you progress in your learning, the wind will be your best friend since it will allow you to give your board more speed.

5. Windsurfing is not expensive

Although you will have to make an investment in your windsurfing equipment, the reality is that it will not be much more expensive than equipment for other sports such as cycling. In addition, if you are a beginner, you can always rent the entire team, which actually makes more sense, since there is a possibility that you try the sport and you do not like it or, on the contrary, you do like it, but later you have to get rid of the beginner equipment to get one of a higher level.

6. Getting the windsurf sail out of the water doesn't cost as much as you think

Before getting started in this sport, many people think that one of the most difficult things is getting the sail out of the water, however, the improvement in quality and the progress in terms of perfecting the equipment materials, go a long way. easier the task of removing the sail from the water.

In addition, once you know the basics to navigate your board it will be less expensive because you can add a harness with which your own body will hold the sail.

10 cosas sobre el windsurf

7. It is not necessary to be an expert swimmer to be able to practice windsurfing

To get into this sport you need to know how to swim, however you don't need to have an expert level. In addition, it will always depend on the place where you train. In the open sea, the water is deeper and the waves more aggressive, so if you fall off the board, it will be somewhat more difficult for you to get back on it. If, on the other hand, you opt to practice in lakes, even if the difficulty is less, there will also be difficulties caused by gusts of wind. If you are a beginner, the most advisable thing is that you learn in a sea of ​​​​calm waters, that even if it has waves, they will not be so pronounced.

8. Windsurfing must be learned in several steps

It is normal that when you start in a sport as dynamic as this, your desire is to learn as quickly as possible and do freestyle maneuvers.Listening to the instructions of your instructor will be essential for you to level up progressively.

10 cosas sobre el Windsurf

9. Windsurf modalities

  • Freestyle: Known as freestyle, it is performed in lakes and lagoons. There are two types of freestyle; Old school and New School. The first is to carry out maneuvers with little wind. The second, uses small and light boards, and in this way, do the greatest number of maneuvers in the shortest possible time.
  • Slalom: It is one of the competitions that needs a lot of wind. The idea is to zigzag obstacles, such as buoys. You normally compete one on one, and the one who is more agile is the one who wins the competition.
  • Waves or Wave: Windsurfers must perform surfing movements and jumps very high on the waves, which measure at least one meter. The equipment used for this modality is usually light.
  • Regatta: The course is triangular and delimited by buoys. Where when the wind is behind, athletes take the opportunity to do lengths.
  • Super X: It is the modality in which aspects of regatta and slalom competitions are combined with the characteristics of freestyle. Its pace is very fast and frantic.

10. You are not alone in the water

You must not forget that you are not the only one in the water, so you must respect the activity that others are doing. There are also other boats that can pass before you, and remember that whoever sails with the right hand on the mast (starboard) has preference.

10 cosas sobre el windsurf

Windsurfing is a fantastic way to enjoy the sea and the sun, whenever you want and at the intensity you want. In addition, it is not dangerous and it is a very good exercise for toning the arms and legs when getting on the board or lifting the sail.

Frequently asked questions about windsurfing

What is windsurfing?

Windsurfing is a nautical sport, which arises from a variation of surfing, which consists of moving in the water on a board that has a sail. Unlike traditional surfing where the impulse is given by the arms, in windsurfing the impulse is given by the sail through the wind.

What is the best time to practice windsurfing?

Windsurfing can be practiced throughout the year. Although it is a sport that is more related to summer, practicing it in winter has great advantages, such as waves and wind, which tend to be more powerful.

What is the necessary equipment to practice windsurfing?
  • The table, whose size ranges between 2.5 and 3.5 meters, which varies depending on the modality that is practiced. It consists of a fin that provides stability and a rail where the mast is placed, which is what gives balance to the board.
  • The rig: it is made up of a sail, a mast - the one that joins the sail to the board - and a boom, which holds the entire rig.
  • A suit that provides security and protection: Sports glasses, and a wetsuit.