Zarautz, Surf y Gastronomía


Zarautz, Surf and Gastronomy

The impressive beach of Zarautz has many attractions, but without a doubt, if it stands out for something, it is for being one of the best places on the entire Gipuzkoan coast to practice surfing, and that is that this beautiful Basque beach is one of the most important cradles of surfers throughout the peninsula. But without a doubt, it also stands out far above most things because of its exquisite gastronomy. Zarautz Surf and Gastronomy in its purest form.

In Zarautz you will find an ideal place to practice surfing and its conditions could not be more ideal: supreme waves of about three meters high and an ideal temperature all year round make this place one of the the most desired areas by all surfers in the world.

Surfing legends such as Aritz Aranburu or Hodey Collazo were born on Zarautz beach, figures such as Ibon Amatriain have also started here and have gained worldwide relevance. It should also be noted that the place is no longer just a perfect place for new surf stars to be born, but in the place you will find an ideal destination for great surfing figures in the place to consolidate and reach the top of the world scepter. It is not for nothing that the prestigious international championship of this fabulous discipline is held, for example, throughout the months of September.

Also tell you that if what you are looking for is to start surfing, Zarautz has approximately half a dozen top-level schools where you can start taking your first steps in the world of surfing. Note that if you are looking for something more than surfing, in the beautiful town of Zarautz you will find the maximum expression of one of the Basque jewels: its gastronomy. A first level gastronomy that will be presented to you in Zarautz and that will allow you to get to know Basque culture in depth through its exquisite and famous dishes, where quality, flavor and aroma come together to conquer its visitors.

Its appetizing gastronomy will take the form of dishes such as hake in green sauce or squid in its own ink and, of course, also “pelaillo style”. Thus, as in dishes as delicious as grilled sardines or grilled txitarro, with the permission of the well-known pil pil cod or txangurro. As we can see, a whole song to the delicacies that the Basque coasts present us in the form of fish, a song that can be contemplated while taking a few good glasses of txakolí to the throat.

And, of course, the best way to discover Zarautz gastronomy is in the local restaurants. Authentic temples of good eating and good drinking that will open their doors wide for you with unparalleled quality and service. Some great proper names are, for example, the Otzaterra, the Kirkilla, the Aiten Etxe and how could it be otherwise, surely you will want to discover the exceptional and mediatic restaurant Karlos Arguiñano. Zarautz Surf and Gastronomy, what more could you ask for?