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10 things about Jorge Fernández that you should know

An actor, but better known for his facet as a presenter, Jorge Fernández may well be one of the best-known faces on morning television programming. Most know him for being the host of ‘The Wheel of Luck’, but in reality, Fernández is full of interesting facts that have marked his life and have made him become the celebrity he is today. Keep reading because we tell you 10 things about Jorge Fernández that you should know.

1. The presenter is not Basque even though it is a very widespread thought

There are many who believe that Jorge Fernández is Basque, and although it is true that he grew up in Mondragón, he was actually born in Alicante on August 8, 1972.

2. Jorge Fernández claims to have lived through the hardest years of ETA.

    As he himself recounted in an interview, when he lived in Mondragón he witnessed some actions by ETA. In fact, he was the victim of one of the attacks when two bombs exploded under his house and one hit him.

    3. The presenter began his career as a model

    Jorge Fernández joven

      After spending so many years in the chain, it may be difficult for many to remember, but in reality, Jorge Fernández became known for winning the 'Mister Spain' contest in 1999, a title he would retain for 2 years because the contest was not held in 2000. In addition, he would win this contest just one year after finishing his university studies. Did you know that Jorge Fernández graduated in Physical Education from the University of Vitoria?

      The presenter is glad to have parents who supported him when he decided to study INEF, although this was not what they were most excited about. Now Jorge has a son and intends to do the same with his son: let him study whatever he wants.

      After graduating in Physical Education, she decided to change course and began working for the modeling agency in San Sebastián, although the presenter always says that the idea of ​​a model had never really excited him.

      4. Did you know that basketball was his initial passion?

        Long before becoming famous, the Antena 3 presenter played basketball and he did it professionally! During the 1997/1998 season, his 1.93 cm height allowed him to play professionally in the ACB League, specifically for Tau Baskonia, now Saski Baskonia, but due to a knee injury he was forced to retire and focus on other projects. away from professional sports.

        5. Has Jorge Fernández ever done acting?

          ‘Los Serrano’, ‘7 vidas’ and ‘Esencia de poder’ have been some of the most mythical Spanish series on television in which the presenter has been able to develop his acting skills.

          Jorge Fernández

          6. What disease does Jorge Fernández suffer from?

            Despite always seeing him on television enjoying his program, with a permanent smile and impenetrable joy, the truth is that throughout his life the presenter has had to go through various illnesses that have not affected him road just easy. The first one is due to mercury poisoning that he suffered after eating a lot of tuna and accumulating this substance in his body.

            For this reason, Fernández has recently wanted to raise awareness about the care and precautions that must be taken when eating certain fish that unfortunately are full of this harmful substance.

            However, the presenter has also suffered from a second illness: 'Lyme' disease.Jorge Fernández admitted that he suffered from this disease due to a tick bite, assuring that he had lost more than 8 kg and that he felt both physically and mentally very unstable.

            Jorge assures that he had to tell what was happening to him due to the pressure of public opinion that he began to spread false rumors about his state of health. He also confirms that it helped him a lot to learn and read about his diseases, although he already had knowledge about anatomy and physiology thanks to the INEF degree.

            7. In which productions has Jorge Fernández participated?

            Ruleta de la Suerte - Jorge Fernandez

              Jorge Fernández has been a presenter of ‘La quinta esfera’, ‘Gran Hermano’ and ‘Gran Hermano Vip’ were some of the television projects in which Fernández was immersed before settling down for quite some time in the contest. However, after taking the reins of 'The wheel of luck', the presenter combined this with other programs such as 'This house was a ruin' or 'I want to sing', both from the same channel.

              8. Did you know that Jorge Fernández has also been on the cover of a well-known magazine?

              Men's Health Portada Jorge Fernández

                In 2014, the presenter had the opportunity to be the May cover of 'Men's Health' magazine, for which he prepared himself based on a routine of diets and very strict workouts. This project made him especially excited since his whole life has revolved around sport.

                9. Adventure sports are his favorites

                  The iconic presenter also practices other, much more adventurous sports. Skiing, surfing and windsurfing are some of her favorites and the ones she practices on a fairly regular basis, especially when her work schedule allows it. In addition, he is a faithful defender of the need to play sports, since he has assured more than once that physical inactivity is one of the main causes of health problems.

                  Jorge Fernández Windsurf

                  10. He has participated in some humanitarian actions

                    As a familiar face, the former host of 'Big Brother' knows the importance of giving a voice to the most needy and defenseless population. That is why Fernández has wanted to get involved numerous times in different humanitarian actions, either personally or professionally. One of the most notable actions of the presenter was his trip to Tripoli with UNHCR to see in person the situation that thousands of Syrian refugees are going through and offer them his help in any way possible.

                    Some of his successes so far have been winning the Antena de Oro award and the Ondas Award for best television presenter and his appearance at the New Year's Eve chimes for Antena 3.

                    However, despite being such a multifaceted person, the Wheel of Fortune program is already like a home for him. In the words of the presenter: “the people who have followed me on the program for fifteen years know me better than my mother. I do not hide my opinions or my reflections because I am quite transparent.

                    Since he landed in the world of entertainment at the age of 26, Jorge Fernández knew how to quickly find a place for himself in the home and on television of all Spaniards. His performance in mythical series and the presentation of different family programs, made his fame here to stay. Actor, television host, elite athlete, defender of sports and health, and tireless fighter for humanitarian causes are the traits that define Jorge Fernández, one of the most charismatic faces but also loved and admired by both his professional colleagues. as by the public.