10 cosas sobre Tiger Woods qué deberías saber


10 Things About Tiger Woods You Should Know

Tiger Woods is an American-born professional golfer who rose to fame in 1996 when he turned professional and managed to win two tournaments in three months. Of African-American, Thai, Chinese, Native American, and Dutch descent, Tiger Woods has always been one of America's biggest sports stars. However, his continuous scandals and problems in his personal life have kept him away from the sporting focus and have placed him at the center of many controversies. If you are interested in knowing a little more about the famous golfer, keep reading because here we tell you 10 things about Tiger Woods that you should know.

1. His real name is Eldrick Tont Woods

    This famous golfer is actually named Eldrick Tont Woods. However, he calls himself Tiger thanks to his father, who was a Vietnam War veteran who was about to die, his friend Nguyen Phong managed to save his life. Before this act, Woods's father decided to nickname him 'Tiger' to honor his dear friend and savior.

    Tiger woods y su padre

    2. He went on to become the youngest golfer in history to win a Grand Slam

      When he was 24 years old, Tiger Woods managed to be the youngest golfer to date to win a Grand Slam, however 3 years earlier he had already made history by being the youngest golfer to win a major , this time the tournament 'The Masters' at the Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia.

      Tiger Woods Gran Slam

      3. During his childhood he suffered from stuttering

        It's not something he talks about much, but Tiger Woods had to deal with a stuttering problem during his childhood. This fact is known thanks to himself who was the one who admitted during an interview the difficulties he suffered. Aware of the obstacle that this could pose, he sent a letter to a boy who suffered from this same problem with the intention of encouraging him and motivating him to keep going, since, as he assures, it is something that can be overcome with effort.

        4. His passion for golf began at a very young age

        The first time Tiger Woods played golf he was just 3 years old and he played it at the Navy golf course that his father had access to.

        Woods niño

        5. Do you know what this golfer's favorite music group is?

          'Nickelback' is Tiger Woods' favorite music group who attends all of his concerts, to which he is sure to always get free tickets, since in addition to being one of his biggest fans, he also he is very friendly with the members of the band!

          6. He has served as a “designer”


            Continuing in the golf line, but this time not as a player, Tiger Woods has been involved in the design of a golf course in the city of Dubai. On land owned by Donald Trump is where they wanted to carry out the construction of this enclosure that bears the name 'Trump World Golf Club'.

            7. Did you know that the first contract the golfer got was millionaire?

              Thanks to the fame and participation of Woods in the different tournaments, the popularity of this sport increased remarkably, and with it, the prizes that were awarded for winning them. In this way, the brands quickly realized that everything the golfer touched turned to gold, and that is why the first contract that Tiger Woods closed was with Nike and for a sum of 48 million dollars.

              TIGER WOODS NIKE

              8. One of the best paid

              Woods managed to place himself at number 11 of the 100 highest-paid athletes in the world with an income of around 64 million dollars annually, according to the list of Forbes magazine. In addition, this athlete owns one of the largest mansions, which has a diving pool, running track and guest house. It is valued at $60 million.

              9. 2010 was one of the worst years for Tyger Woods

                After spending many years at the top of the sport, Tiger Woods' career began to be jeopardized when scandals came into his life. After being married for more than 7 years and having 2 children together, Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren separated due to rumors and subsequent confirmations of various infidelities by the golfer towards his wife that caused public opinion to go against him, in addition to having to agree to a millionaire divorce that benefited Nordegren. However, this did not end the controversies for Woods, since some years later he had a relationship with the skier Lindsey Vonn which also came to an end due to the same problems as the athlete's past relationship.

                10. Fishing is his biggest hobby

                  The athlete himself has confessed on more than one occasion that he loves all sports and that among his favorites are basketball, soccer and diving, but nevertheless, fishing has a special place for him, and it is that whenever his schedule allows it, Woods escapes by boat to enjoy the sea and this very relaxing practice.

                  Tiger Woods is one of the pioneers of this sport about which so little was known before he arrived. Talented from a young age, Woods has never disappointed on the field of play, and despite being dogged by criticism for his personal life for some years, he still holds the position of having been one of the greatest golfers of all time.

                  Tiger Woods