Una firma de moda con pasión


A fashion brand with passion

Sun, beach, surf... The Indian Face we are a clothing firm that goes beyond trends and fashions. It is a way of living, a way of feeling, a way of identifying with the passion of sport and adrenaline.

Our philosophy is “No rules, feel the adrenaline”. There are no rules, just live the sport and everything that surrounds it to the limit. The Indian Face identifies with extreme sports and those that involve contact with nature. We are a brand whose passion is sport and our goal is not exactly to be kings of the catwalk or trends. In any case we would love to be kings of a B.A.S.E jump. on some alpine ledge, from a tube in Haiti or a descent from some snowy wall in Alaska.

Behind The Indian Face, is a man who, in these times of crisis, decided to leave a permanent job without risks to plunge into the adventure of fashion. Eduardo has practiced sports like alpine skiing or freeride all his life. For many years he also did skateboarding, windsurfing or mountaineering. He is passionate about any sport in which he comes into contact with nature.

The way Eduardo had to pay for all these adventure trips was to make some t-shirts that people could identify with this way of life. That was the birth of The Indian Face. A passion that became a fashion brand and with which thousands of followers are already in love.